We teach you how to increase traffic and revenue with analysis, optimization, and strategic thinking.

Learn how to better understand your marketing data to improve your business.

3 Reasons to Choose Convergent7

There are thousands of agencies and contractors to choose from, but here are 3 areas that separate us from the pack:

Expert Analysis

As a growing business, you have many tools and web properties which produces a LOT of data.

We know how to make sense of it all and show you (in business terms) how to best utilize it.

Advanced SEO

70% of Search Engine Optimization is easy...but the last 30% is hard...very hard, but it will separate you from your competitors.

That's where we come in...

Higher Conversion Rates

Your website is designed to only do two things: (1) attract the right people, aka SEO and (2) get them to take an action, aka CRO.

Conversion is 100% about analytics and psychology…and we know how to increase your revenue.

What We Do

Conversion Rate Optimization

The average ecommerce conversion rate is 2.38%.  How does your site hold up?  Need help in identifying the right tests that will move the needle the greatest?

CRO is part psychology, art, and science...and it will drive your greatest returns when done correctly.

CeilingFan.com - CRO Client Success Story


Services: CRO, SEO, Volusion Ecommerce

125% Revenue Growth, 43% Increase in Conversion Rate, 140% Increase in Organic Traffic

Search Engine Optimization

With a constantly changing algorithm, you need advanced tactics to ensure you stay ahead of your competition.

Site architecture, internal linking, dead content...we're experts in all right areas.

Christening Gowns - SEO, Ecommerce, CRO Services


SEO/CRO/Ecommerce Migration (Volusion to Shopify)

86% Increase in top product sales after CRO engagement

Brand Strategy

Brand development is THE key to long-term success.  When you build a brand (not just a fancy logo and tagline), Google will reward you.

Be intentional about your brand or it will be defined by others.

Bart Zandbergen, CFP - Optivest Inc

Bart Zandbergen, CFP

Services: Brand Strategy, SEO, Influencer Marketing

Content Development

Poor content will lead to poor rankings and engagement.  We will teach you how to write for conversion and increased SEO rankings to surpass your competition.

Shore Excursions - SEO/Ecommerce

Shore Excursions Group

Services: SEO, Marketing Analysis

150% Increase SEO Traffic Growth

Landing Page Optimization

Psychology, design, A/B testing, and copywriting...it all comes together when you need to convert to turn prospects into customers.

Our Process

While every client is unique, our approach is consistent:


We start by asking in-depth questions about you, your business, your past success and failures, and what objectives you want to achieve. This will build the foundation of our working relationship.

Analyze & Plan

After we understand where you want to go and what’s prevented you from getting there, we will do a full 360° analysis of your business, your strategic partners, and your competitors so we can identify the opportunities for improvement and growth.

Interactive Review

We will review our recommendations with you and you will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn from our expert analysis reports.

Actionable Report

Every client will get an actionable deliverable with tasks that you can share with your marketing and development team or any sub-contractor you prefer to work with.

Our Clients

Looking for Ecommerce Expertise?

We've Got You Covered

We specialize in 6 major SaaS shopping carts.  Whether you want to migrate or simply increase the functionality of your current shopping cart, we can help.

A strong SEO platform and been around since 1999. We also host the largest, independent Volusion forum.

Packed with features, 3dcart has assembled one of the best support teams in the ecommerce space. Fast and reliable.


A scalable solution and easily one of the top 3 shopping carts on the market. Tons of add-ons and scalable to enterprise level.


Advanced search and filter, upselling and cross-selling? Bigcommerce is the most innovative cart out there and continues to build a rich solution.


Great for small stores, Woocommerce is the default cart for Wordpress-only companies that just need the basics.


Only mid to large companies can afford NetSuite but it's Oracle-based enterprise level software can run an entire corporation, from accounting to sales to service. Open your pocketbook!

Our Technology Partners

It's not the tools we use, but how we apply the knowledge we extract with them

About Us

Convergent7 Leadership

Erik Ellsworth

CEO, Founding Partner

Proactively brand bricks-and-clicks data after flexible models. Progressively incubate effective platforms vis-a-vis open-source niche markets.

Patti Larson

CMO, Managing Partner

Proactively brand bricks-and-clicks data after flexible models. Progressively incubate effective platforms vis-a-vis open-source niche markets.

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