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At Convergent7, we help you do both... better.

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Looking to migrate your store to another ecommerce platform? We work with Bigcommerce, Volusion, 3dcart and Lead Commerce platforms and can help in all facets of getting your store up and running.

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    "I came to Convergent7 looking for ways to improve my already successful website user experience and web visibility. From the initial free SEO analysis to the completion of several design, technical and SEO projects, they have been extremely thorough and conscious of my company's needs. I trust C7 completely to handle all of my website's needs in a best-practices manner and recommend them to anyone looking to take their online business to the next level."

    All Dog Boots

8 Great Features of 3dcart’s Version 8 Release

Late this summer, 3dcart started rolling out the anticipated upgrade to their SaaS ecommerce platform, version 8. In this major release, 3dcart has added many new features as well as updated key areas of the platform that will excite you if you’re already on the platform and entice you if […]

How Changing One Word on a Product Page Increased Sales by 85.7%

For those of you I have spoken with the past 8-9 years, you know I am consistent with my beliefs on how to improve your store and grow sales. My team can repeat verbatim my philosophy on how to convert more of the right customers. One of the mantras I […]

Google Analytics Setup for Volusion Mobile Storefront

Volusion recently announced quietly rolled out an update to the latest version of the Mobile Storefront that was recently last November which finally allows you to add your own Google Analytics tracking code to your mobile store. For those of you who were not aware, you were previously flying blindly. […]

How to Set Up Google Authorship for Your Ecommerce Store

Why would you want to implement Google Authorship on your ecommerce site? Maybe because … You heard it’s good for SEO. You heard that you needed to do it. You just really want to see your picture in the search results pages. Whatever the reason, it is important to understand […]

How Volusion Mobile Ruins Your Google Analytics Data

This post is part of a series about the recently updated Volusion Enhanced Mobile Ecommerce. The first post in the series is Volusion Serves Up a Turkey with Enhanced Mobile Ecommerce. Mobile, mobile, mobile… we all know it’s about mobile devices and traffic. It is a trend that will continue […]

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