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How to Set Up Google Authorship for Your Ecommerce Store

Why would you want to implement Google Authorship on your ecommerce site? Maybe because … You heard it’s good for SEO. You heard that you needed to do it. You just really want to see your picture in the search results pages. Whatever the reason, it is important to understand […]

How to Upgrade to Universal Analytics on Your Volusion Store

A few years ago we posted instructions for how to install Google Analytics for your Volusion store. Recently Google launched a major upgrade to the GA code called Universal Analytics. This upgrade will provide you with a lot more power and flexibility in analyzing your store data. In addition to […]

How to Install Google +1 on Volusion Ecommerce Stores

Today, Google has officially released the Google +1 for websites.  Previously it was only available for Google’s SERPs (search engine result pages).  In today’s article we’ll show you how to install it on your Volusion store. Google +1 – What Is It? Google’s “+1” is their answer to Facebook’s Like […]

Volusion Adds YouTube Integration

If you’re on version 11 of Volusion you may have noticed a new feature on your product admin pages: support for YouTube videos.  Although adding a YouTube video was never really difficult this new feature makes it very easy for the beginner to add it to their product pages. Uploading […]

Track Page Speed in Volusion Ecommerce with Google Analytics

As a Volusion consulting firm we continually get asked about their performance and quality of hosting.  If you’ve been around Volusion enough (or any ecommerce platform such as 3dCart, Big Commerce, etc.) the topic of site speed eventually comes up.  When Google announced that page speed is a factor in […]

How to Setup Google Analytic Goals in Volusion

What You Must Do to Properly Tracking Your Volusion Conversions Essential to any Volusion ecommerce store is properly setting up your Google Analytics Goals and Funnel.  Without proper set-up you will be unable to fully analyze your traffic and determine what’s profitable and what keywords are driving great revenue. Before […]

Metrics that Matter – Conversion Rate

Are your SEO metrics relevant and useful? One of your duties as a SEO is provide meaningful KPIs (key performance indicators) for your clients.  And when I say meaningful I mean something that: Reveals an underlying insight to their business; and Provides information that can help affect positive change Google […]

How to Install Google Analytics for Volusion Sites

Installing GA Tracking Reveals Valuable Ecommerce Metrics Although there are many ecommerce hosting solutions out there, from a SEO and small business perspective, Volusion is a tough act to beat.  I’m a firm believer that a small business should focus on its core competency and only take on what’s absolutely […]