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Bing Visitors More Likely to Leave Your Site

Ad Click Through Rate is 55% Greater on Bing than Google Are Bing users more likely to buy or leave your site?  It all depends on how you want to look at the numbers. The Chitika research has uncovered that if visitors organically found your website via Bing rather than […]

Facebook Emulates Twitter with @Tagging Feature

Should Twitter Be Worried About Facebook’s New Feature? One of the most popular Twitter features, the @Mention, is about to be released on Facebook.  The new feature called tagging, will allow you to tag friends in your Facebook status and post updates.  @Mentions are heavily used within the Twitter world […]

An Advertisement You Cannot Ignore

A Marketing Dream: Advertisement Captchas Everyone has come across the Captcha when signing up for a website.  They are designed to block automated programs from signing up for services and spamming users. It’s based on a theory that, if answered correctly, the respondent must be a real human being. CAPTCHA […]