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Metrics that Matter – Conversion Rate

Are your SEO metrics relevant and useful? One of your duties as a SEO is provide meaningful KPIs (key performance indicators) for your clients.  And when I say meaningful I mean something that: Reveals an underlying insight to their business; and Provides information that can help affect positive change Google […]

An Advertisement You Cannot Ignore

A Marketing Dream: Advertisement Captchas Everyone has come across the Captcha when signing up for a website.  They are designed to block automated programs from signing up for services and spamming users. It’s based on a theory that, if answered correctly, the respondent must be a real human being. CAPTCHA […]

Google Continues Search Dominance

Google Tops 100 Billion Searches in July 2009 To no one’s amazement, Google continues it’s virtual monopoly of internet searches. In the latest Comscore study of global search market growth, Google’s search engine traffic grew 58% from July 2008 to July 2009 and has captured a whopping 67% of the […]

Why Small Businesses Cannot Ignore Social Media

Do you believe social media isn’t relevant to your small business? Most small business owners I talk to fall into one of these three categories: They do not understand what “social media” is and is not; or They believe it’s not a real business tool and will fade away; or […]

Why SEO is Critical to Small Business Success

For many of you, search engine optimization (SEO) makes perfect sense for your business while for others it’s a new concept. For you newbies out there or for those of you looking to justify the expenditure for a SEO project, here are just a few of many reasons why SEO […]