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02-15-2013, 12:02 PM
So we are using the Volusion export - http://support.volusion.com/article/export-google-merchant-center
to generate a feed for Google Shopping (PLA's). It generates fine, but it is missing image links and a description, two very important factors.

Apparently Volusion grabs the description from product description short which we don't use (we have a custom tab system that has our description in it).

The other problem is the images - apparently if you have child products each child product needs to have a unique image? Is this correct? I don't understand how this can be as the child products are just size variations of the parent.

So - how do we get a description into our feed and how do we make sure all our products including children have an image link associated with it?


02-15-2013, 12:53 PM
how do you populate the custom tabs with the item copy? Do you have a spreadsheet with an item number and copy? If so i would just do a V lookup in excel and pull the info in.
I do not upload Brand, condition, MPNs, into volusions. I have another spreed sheet that has every item we offer (we have several sites with different items on each) which has separate columns for item number, Brand, Man part number, etc, and all my different categories related to that item (we use the adwords_labels and adwords_grouping fields).
I do a v look up on the item number pull all the other data i need into one sheet. I also have formulas set up to change the price field from just the number to the number and USD, drops in the in stock, and NEW condition. I then copy the sheet paste it as values in a new one to clear formulas and upload.
once i got my main spreadsheet set up from our back end I'm only using V to kick out the products so i know which are in-stock, the rest of the info i build out myself. (images are always in the same location with the same naming convention so this filed can be built in excel also)
I probably could upload all the info into V and use their method, but I like to add in the adwords_grouping and adwords_labels
fields which they don't allow you to do on the items. These fields make it extremely easy to set up you PLA campaigns and makes sure your only spending on products/ product lines your converting on. (we have a feed of over 5000 items, its nice to be able to quickly select only Hats, or Mardi Gras themed items, up spend on them and lower spend on Super Bowl, or shut that off altogether)

02-15-2013, 11:18 PM
There is a KB article that was very helpful with the step by step fixing the Child products for PLAs. Basically you go in the child and delete the "use same photo as XXXXX (your parent) than you have to upload what photo you want to show for the child product (after the parent photo is gone). Than add your Google info to the 3rd party pages and that is it.

I ended up importing all the Google info with an excel sheet for the 3rd party page and then just did the photos by hand. Google will pull the Color, Google Cat, Store Cat, and Material from the Parent. I had to add MPN, Size and Price to my Child Product import line, but only because they are different from the parent. All you have to add to child beside photo is anything different from parent. What I did was export the 3rd Party info with product info- add my info and import back. I was able to get mine to show in a few days! You can preview the Google feed too when you send just to see if it is grabbing what you want. It made a lot more sense when I looked at the excel sheet though!

Then after all that work, I paused my PLA ad due to such a low conversion rate and such a high cost :eek:. I never did restart them. Let us know how you do with them!