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02-16-2013, 07:43 AM
Received this update from 'Blue Glass' about the changes to adwords for anyone interested:

9 Things You Need to Know About Enhanced Campaigns
I asked our Vice President of Paid Media, Stephanie McClintock to provide some additional insight into these shifts for our Insiders. Hereís what Stephanie wants you to know about the changes to Google AdWords and what they mean for your business today (and tomorrow):
Tablet and operating system/original equipment manufacturer targeting will no longer be available: desktops and tablets will now be treated as the same device.

Mobile targeting will target all mobile devices (including Windows, Androids, iOS, Blackberry, etc).

With Enhanced Campaigns, Google is introducing the concept of vector based bidding. A multiplier will be set at the campaign level to determine mobile maximum cost per click (CPCs) -- mobile bids will essentially become a percentage of desktop bids.

Google is expanding the vector based bidding to geo and time-based (day parting) targeting as well. This is a new feature, not currently available through AdWords.

Advertisers will keep the ability to drive mobile traffic to different destination URLs.

Maintaining the reporting granularity (i.e. measuring performance and understanding user behavior on desktop vs. mobile devices), and allocating budget at the device level will require a structural overhaul. Advertisers will be able to architect campaigns to alleviate the impact of the changes announced by Google, however, this will require a more sophisticated campaign build and optimization strategy.

Mobile campaigns that are exact replicas of desktop campaigns will automatically be migrated under a single campaign sometime in mid-2013. Google is in the process of whitelisting some accounts to start rolling Enhanced Campaigns, but the exact end-date of AdWords as we know it hasnít been released yet. Advertisers need to prepare for this change and restructure their account before the actual migration to mitigate the impact on their quality score.

The impact of this update on campaigns running on bid optimization platforms is unclear at this point. Google hasnít provided full transparency on the multiplier or the impact on the bidding strategy. It looks like itís back to the drawing-board for the bid optimization tools.

There are a lot of speculations about the fact that Enhanced Campaigns will drive mobile CPCs up. Only time will tell, but one thing is certain: account structuring and optimization tactics are about to become more complex.

Disregarding everything else I guess I just agree with the last statement that things are about to become even more complex...