View Full Version : Problems with Google Unique Identifier Field not Exporting

07-27-2013, 08:08 PM
I have been trying to update my Google Feed this weekend with the new Google Unique Identifier Exists field. I have now tried to export the field (not data) to godatafields about 6 times and I have finally given up and decided it is not me, but either godatafeeds or V that is preventing the field from exporting.

I emailed V support and got this back, which basically is no help because I am pretty sure is not a reset issue

The Google Unique Identifiers currently match up to UPC, SKU, or ISBN numbers in the advanced info of the products themselves. If one of those is set for each product, we're not sure what would cause an error in the feed. It may be that with the changes/updates, the feed needs to be reset from scratch on both sides to properly pull the updated information. If we can be of further assistance, please let us know!

I am not really even sure what he is talking about but I added a few other new fields to my export and they all were added, so it is hard to believe it needs to be reset.

I noticed on the API source page that the field is labeled as a "bit" field and is only one of two fields labeled as such - including the new Google Adult Product. Would that have something to do with it?

Has anyone else that uses godatafeeds entered the Unique ID data yet? I suppose my next step is to either create a rule to enter it or use another exportable field to enter the info. Seems like a waste of time though when the field is right there just for that purpose!

I set up an entire new feed in less time than I've spent trying to get the one field to export through the API. Just label me frustrated!!!

07-29-2013, 01:11 PM
Found out today from godatafeeds that google identifier is not exportable. It seems though that I think that a field rule would work better anyway. I made one that will enter false if no mpn, UPC or ISBN exists.

I am waiting to heat back from them if that would work. They seem to say that only entire stores or categories would need false but I have product bundles all over that would be a false.