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10-16-2013, 09:01 PM
I have been going through my "problem" category and updating tags and product images to try do anything to improve sales of such category. I changed my images a week or two ago and when I check my products in Google Shopping they still are displaying the old images.

Do you think this is a google thing or cdn thing? I know that some of the comparison sites that I am on pick and show an image of their choosing for a MPN, but I was not sure if Google did that or not.

The reason that I thought it might be a cdn thing is that I moved some products this week to clearance and redid the listings and when I opened them n admin/product details I was getting old images from a week or so showing on page?? They were showing the new image on the category page but in admin they opened with the old images - wth?

Do you if Google picks the product image or do you think this is still catching up from the CDN thing?

10-29-2013, 07:14 PM
OMG, what a MESS, I just looked at some of my products in Google Shopping and I found just the opposite of my SERPS nirvana - more like SERPS Hell!

New, old and now very old (>6 mo old) images are still showing with my products
Some of MY products now have another unknown "Brand Name" on the first line not put there by ME
Some of my products are not showing at all but their very exact descriptive KW rich product titles are now on someone elses product! (Yes like I went to all that work for someone else?)

I called Google PLA help line and the lady did not know exactly why that was happening but is going to look into it. It no wonder my sales have dropped! I really think this is case of Google's algo picking and choosing which images and titles makes for best chance of conversion but this is getting ridiculous. These were not even the multi-store images so that is really lame. Also saw similar problems with one color in the title and another color in the image! Very very lame.

Do I hear BING calling, hello! I'll be right over!

Who is running pla's/ or whatever they are on Bing and how are they working for you and how did you transition over? I already have the feed in the shopping dot com so I would need to get my Bing adwords acct up and going again. I started one last year, but stopped after very poor performance. Also at the time they were not accepting any product feeds except through Shopping.

10-30-2013, 05:40 PM
Today it is worse, JCP just flooded the category... I did a general search with brand/item and the first two pages were a mixture of stores/items and JCP, and then from about page 3-13 it was ALL JCP ads. Of course none of mine are showing and when I called the help line "tonight", the girl basically narrowed it down to item bid and inferred that JCP was probably widely winning the bid for the category.

Not only were they on so many pages but each item is listed singly unlike the rest of the group when a lot of them have been grouped up into one image and or the ad just lists that the product is available from "one store" no name.

For those of you that are in pricey categories what kinds of bids do you consider high? I have always bid about $1-$1.50 on these items and thought that was high enough. I always took got my bid estimates from my text ad keywords but this girl said they can be very different.

Do any of you have any strategies for bidding on high ticket items/categories to make your dollar go further?

I already bid adjust for location and am thinking about adjusting my ad schedule to only peak hours. I have pages of Neg kw and from my search terms it looks like I targeting my products well, just not my bids now. I think JCP must have raised the bar with some crazy high bid as I used to show most of the time just fine.

10-31-2013, 03:21 AM
I wish I could help Brenda but don't do PLA's right now. I have noticed this same effect in the general serps though advertisers who haven't done much all year are suddenly and precictably on the run up to Christmas totally flooding the serps with google ads which pushes us way way down.

Same thing happened last year but it seems much worse now, everyone is far more desperate I think this year and just throwing their money at google. Advertisers like JC Penney not only have huge advertising budgets but they will undoubtedly get preferential bids too I may be a cynic but imho the rigged bidding system and the whole quality score thing is just a licence really for Google to favor whoever they want ie. who has the most 'flexible' budgets.

On a positive note your idea to target at peak times with your max bid probably sounds worth a shot.

10-31-2013, 04:03 AM
Thanks, this is the first holiday I have been on the paid pla so it is all still new to me!

I also think it is worse due to their new algo! It is still a mess right now at least in my category. I saw an image of mine last night at least 6-8 mo old, the wrong color image on several products, and I now see a number of other companies showing this "phantom" brand on their ad too, not just mine.

Whoever implemented this algo really messed it up! I think they are trying hard to copy the shopping channels that has gone to one image only with all companies in that... but then you see JCP with 10 pages of single store ads and it does make you wonder how long small business are going to be able stay on the feed and just who is doing who favors!

Not only it is getting expensive for me, my roi is still horrible in the PLA. I had really just cut it back to the bones, not realizing it took me totally out of the game.

I got an email from PLA help today and they could not figure out wth is happening and have to "escalate" my issue to a higher level.

10-31-2013, 04:18 AM
I am sure you are right about the algos. Don't get me wrong I am trying to be supportive not negative but if your ROI is poor in PLA's perhaps Christmas is not the time to really try and 'fix' this by bashing your head against a brick wall of competitors with massive Christmas advertising budgets. You might find it better to conserve your budget till after Christmas when the big guys start tailing off their advertising again. Good luck with it you are braver than me!

10-31-2013, 11:44 PM
Yes, of course there is no way I can compete, just want a tiny slice of the pie!

I was pleased to find that by raising my bids to around 1.10-1.50 they all showed up and on one product I HAD almost the entire 1st page! Of course that was signed-in to my location, but I now know a little better what the bids are. Not as high as I had initially thought. I will just have to pick and choose what and when to spend it on.

My husband just read an article this morning on JCP's holiday marketing plan. I guess they have said or others found out that they plan to flood every category possible with products and bid whatever it takes to dominate the pages! It is their last chance I guess to save their company so it sounds like they will put it all out there in the PPC world. Or at least this is what the article said.

Anyone else compete in their product categories and notice the same thing?

11-01-2013, 08:30 AM
JCP just changed ad agencies, and it seems is in a do or die situation. From a quick read of recent articles, I am not sure they know their own strategy. Back to the past with lots of couponing, discounting, and sales, or ? It looks like they want to use PPC to drive their traffic. The headache they have is WalMart, Target, Amazon, etc. will all do the same.

11-01-2013, 09:38 AM
Hope Google collects their $ in advance from JCP...otherwise they may never see a dime of it :)

11-03-2013, 10:24 AM
I was pleased to find that by raising my bids to around 1.10-1.50 they all showed up and on one product

Keep in mind that one way to effectively increase your bid is to create ads that increase the CTR and decrease the bounce rate. In other words, just because someone else bids 1.60 and you bid 1.50 does not mean that they will win the bid. In simple terms, if the Google algo thinks the customer is twice as likely to prefer your site over the other site, then that effectively doubles your bid compared to the other bid. Of course, JCP has the resources to create compelling ads so you have to try and beat them on that front too, but it's not just about the bid.


11-05-2013, 06:57 PM
Sounds like it is going to be a blood bath going on in the PPC/Online world leading to the holidays. This was from an industry blog I just saw - nice huh?

We know Macy's, Kohl's and Penney will duke it out to see who can offer more coupons, door-busters, sale-on-top-of-sale-on-top-of-sale promotions and general marketing mayhem. And we know the third tier of MarMaxx, Ross and brethren will be jumping. But there's one battle we don't yet know the outcome of, and in my mind, it's the most interesting head-to-head shaping up this holiday: Walmart versus Target.