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03-19-2014, 12:44 PM
I have analytics installed and google adwords installed but I need to install google adwords conversion tracking. The user guide provided by Volusion doesn't seem to work as no conversions are going through it:

I have tried raising support tickets but got nonsense replies back. Cut and pastes of the articles. They offer setup of tracking at astronomical prices considering it's putting a bit of code into a template somewhere. I am quite disappointed there isn't an easy install section as analytics and conversion tracking are pretty central to ecommerce.

I need to have the store setup so I can see who have converted organically, who have converted from adwords and who have converted from campaigns such as social media.

How have other people overcome this obstacle?

03-20-2014, 04:54 PM
Enzo welcome! And welcome to v support, why help for free if you can charge for it! Sometime you will get someone extremely helpful but when they offer some paid services it is hard to find someone who won't just try and upsell you for the help.

There are a few posts on this forum with the codes for setting up the order details and once set up they do come through to GA. It does happen to be a number of copy and pastes into different area of you admin and template. If you search for for ga setup I think you will find them. If not let me know and I will search later when I'm on my desktop. I am using an app right now and it's not easy to do on it.

As far as segmenting sales from different sources that is set up in GA. If you have universal GA set up, Scott here at Convergent 7 has an article here on setting it up with Volusion.

03-21-2014, 10:48 AM
Use the search on this site for "Order[2]" and you'll get a lot of posts about setting it up correctly. Note that it is typically article 130, but not for all stores. That could be your problem.

The steps on the volusion article you linked are correct, but missing how to add the items and payment amounts. Pretty important to know which traffic drives $5 sales and which drive $500.

Also, it can take 24 hours for conversions to start showing in adwords with new tracking. Ditto analytics reports, although, if you run a test transaction while watching the analytics real time conversions in another window, you will see the conversion as it happens.