View Full Version : Problem with Bing PLA Setup - Anyone set them up?

04-08-2014, 06:14 PM
Since I setup my Bing Merchant Store and have my feed running, I am now eligible to start Bing PLA's. I already hit the wall setting up my first PLA Campaign and can't find much online to help.

It is asking for an ad extension and the sample video shows something simple like Wedding Bouquets. I am not sure what or where this is related too and that is does. I used Luxury Towels but when I try to filter my product targets it will not recognize any values I enter including even a brand name - I keep getting "no products found" although I double checked my feed and they are there.

Am I missing something here that is relating the two together? All I could find online is one mention that Bing still includes product extensions but Google does not anymore, what the heck are they? And anyone set up their Bing PLA and have any tips?

I find their help even more confusing than Google's and they do not seem to allow or have any comments by anyone which is usually where I find the most helpful information! They don't even have a PLA section in the forum yet so nothing there either.

04-14-2014, 08:39 PM
Just an FYI, I spoke with Bing PLA help last week and apparently Bing PLAs are so new that they are still getting the bugs out. Reason I could not target my products was that the Bing bot had not yet indexed and crawled all of my feed products yet and some of my products were actually flagged as "porn" hee hee!

As I talked with the person it became apparent that not a lot of advertisers were setting up Bing PLA's yet, in fact he said they had around a hundred advertisers so far. For anyone that has a Bing product feed this may be a good opportunity to grab some attention before they get flooded like Google has become. The phone support person was very helpful and although their written info is not extensive, it was manageable and if my products had been indexed I would have had no problems (aside from my "adult products' that is)

The examples of what words caused my products to be flagged as adult I thought were pretty funny. Obviously they have some tweaking to do! (I have never had any issues with Google for these products ever!) These are a few of my new XXX-rated Products! :cool:

AB-CANDLE-27-HOOTER-4720: Adult content:Hooter (White ceramic owl tealight holder)
AB-WIRECAGE: Adult - Sex Dating:a swinging (Wire bird cage with swinging tealight holder)
BW-SKN-SJ505: Adult content:penetrate (organic muscle rub gel)
CH-MINX4224-EG-SM: Adult - Porn/adult entertainment:S M (Minx plush robe eggshell)
CH-MINX4900-PNK-SM: Adult - Porn/adult entertainment:S M (Minx plush robe pink)
CH-RC6711-SA-SM: Adult - Porn/adult entertainment:S M (Regent waffle weave robe)
LP-TRY-12-01064: Adult content:Tryst (Lady Primrose Tryst perfume)

04-23-2014, 09:52 PM
My Bing PLA campaigns are up and running! My images are indexed and only down to 3 errors and they are all minor. I really do like how they set up their PLA campaigns a little better than Google. You can have a ad group for each product target and they let you have a promotion for each ad group instead of just one for each campaign like Google.

I will be glad to have something else up when I have to switch over my Google PLA campaign to the new Shopping Campaigns... boo hoo! But, nothing really matters until I see what my conversions are going to be like, that will be the final test!

04-24-2014, 05:27 AM
Has anyone ever compared you to the Energizer Bunny? sheesh!

Thanks for blazing the trail and love ya'! :)

04-25-2014, 12:34 AM
Ha! That really made me laugh!! Um er, I've been on V for 1 1/2 and I finally got my Bing feed up? One of the main reasons for moving over to V was to get feeds going again on Google and Bing. So seems to me I got a little sidetracked during that year and a half, with ALL OF THE SITE ISSUES!

I have three feeds available at godatafeeds, and don't want to waste any single one of them. Tried and dropped nextag and shopping dot com, so now on Bing and right now I am working on setting up a Houzz feed.

I am really nervous about the Shopping campaigns at Google and am trying to DIVERSIFY before they are mandatory. Feel more like a Scared Rabbit than the Energizer Bunny, but thanks for the compliment!