View Full Version : Google Adwords - Alternatives

01-31-2015, 03:53 PM
Here's a list of other advertising networks should anybody want.

I have used 7search with great results for a "Squeeze Page" only. Never have gotten good conversion.

Google Adwords just to expensive for my type of profit margins.

Bidvertiser - has worked well for "Squeeze Page" only!!!

"Thecpmnetwork.com" just now trying this network, but my engagement per visitor thru this network so far is about 12 pages per visit. (I'm happy with that!) and only .15 per click bid.

Hope this helps.

Almost forgot the list - http://www.adnetworkdirectory.com/


05-28-2015, 02:41 PM
AdWords has worked well for us, but it gets expensive and it takes constant monitoring and doctoring to get it dialed in. The thing about AdWords is you have to go big or go home. You'll never have high conversions without spending a lot of money for first page bids. We are thinking about using AdRoll. I added their pixel to our site, and we've been logging data. They do pretty much the same thing as remarketing in AdWords, but across a much larger network except they're focused entirely on retargeting. And they're partnered with Facebook. I know some other guys that have used them as well, and supposedly they guarantee at least 100% ROI. They have a little bit of a different payment structure than Google, but I'm expecting good ROI. Y'all may want to look into them.