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10-17-2012, 01:29 PM
We have 4 stores, the last one is just getting finished up now. We have been using Brand Labs to update all of our product information and order info. the first 3 sites have on average 400-600 products each placed into one or 2 categories. The hole process of them taking our file grabbing the V info updating the inventory, copy, (pretty much all fields related to products and cat placement) takes about 10 min and then it downloads the orders and passes them to our back end, grabs last file from our back end and updates V order info. Everything together takes at most 30mins.
Now we get to site 4, this site has about 4900 products placed into multiple categories ( cat/prod relationship table has over 23,000 records) we expected this transfer to take a bit longer due to the size, but on a normal day the entire process is taking anywhere from 8 to 12 hours to run.
both V and Brand Labs are "Looking into it" to see if everything is correct, we are hoping something is set up wrong, as a work around were splitting the process into 2 separate, one for products that will run every 12 or 24 hours and one for orders that runs hourly. we can live with it but would really like to update product inventory more then once/ twice a day but might have no choice....
just wondering if anyone else uses them, or if this sounds normal in the V world...


10-17-2012, 01:43 PM
You say using them, what are you using from them? You say "update all of our product information and order info"

What data needs updating and why and why does it need to go to them in the first place.

Please clarify.

10-17-2012, 01:55 PM
Hi Marc,
We use them to automate all the uploads and downloads of data so we never to log into V and lock orders download them into our system re upload to v etc. Same goes for product on the other sites every hour the inventory, copy, price, Category relations, is being updated automatically with out us having to push CSV manually into the system.
Our back end creates the data, Brand labs picks it up from us, formats it in to V formatting and sends it into our stores without us having to go in and republish, re index, rebuild. ( all we have to do is refresh search if we add new items to site)
Right now on the new store the Product/Category relationship table is what is slowing everything down, saving it back up to V takes anywhere from 4-8 hours each time....
Really what i am wondering is if anyone has a V site with over 4000 items and over 20,000 prod/cat relationships and using the API to transfer said info. If they do is it taking this long to complete.

10-17-2012, 02:50 PM
We upload product pricing and quantity info to several volusion sites with thousands of products. We do this 3 times per day. It is pretty fast. When we do a full product upload, it takes a bit longer. We only do that once per week, and during off peak hours (middle of the night). I think our item count is around 10k. Lots of categories. The trick is to only upload the portion of the data that you are changing.