View Full Version : Credit card information to Fulfillment center

10-19-2012, 07:56 AM
I will be using a fulfillment house to fulfill my orders. All order information, customer information Credit card info etc. will go into the fulfillment houses order management system and they will manage the orders, returns etc.

My fulfillment house is saying that there is an issue with getting credit card information from Volusion. If this is the case, how will they be able to charge customers and handle refunds?
They mentioned that there is something called tokenization and if Volusion can provide the token, they can then work with it.
I called authorize.net and they sais that they use tokenization and the token is stored by Volusion if the store chooses to keep a customer's CC information on file. In my store, I have set it to keep a customer's CC info for ever as I have a subscription component also.
How can this token be obtained by my fulfillment house? Or is there a way that they can pull the CC number and details into their OMS?