View Full Version : Kit made of 2 products... how to show live stock based on "child"?

10-25-2012, 08:25 PM

I have this product:

it is essentially a kit of these 2 products:

and I did this "trick" to what I was thinking would link them up to make the kit product.
The Free accessories trick to create kits/combo products...

So I am pretty sure I did it right, but what I dont get from it is that I would have like to have dynamic inventory of the Kit based on the stock level of the "free accessories"...
if I only have 9 D8R-II-Plus and 12 FRSKY-DFT I want the kit to say in stock = 9
for now it show the stock value I've entered in the kit product page... if I leave it to zero there it will show zero even if my child/free accessories are in stock...

Really strange... I've searched and cant find what I did wrong so I presume it's a "limitation" again?
Someone must have figured out how to do that?

Please help. It will make inventory management just a bit easier and simpler!