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Thread: Farewell Google Website Optimizer

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    Farewell Google Website Optimizer

    In case anyone did not get the email from G, they are eliminating Google Website Optimizer on August 1. They want everyone to run tests through Analytics or Adwords

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    Scott Williams
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    Yes. It will all be through Analytics. Go to Content > Experiments and it can be set up from there.
    We have noticed a few issues with it working with Volusion however as the Volusion servers do not seem to like the special characters that show up in the parameters that Google appends to the url.
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    Are there any work arounds? Or should something like

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    Any suggestions on a service that works with Volusion for testing?

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    Seems you need to use the metatag over ride for a category page with Content Experiments for Testing. You will need to create a second page that is used for testing.

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