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Thread: High bounce rate today?

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    High bounce rate today?

    Anyone seeing a high bounce rate today? We're running about 12% higher than usual. Not sure if because I have the CDN disabled, slow site speed, etc. but no way I want to head into this weekend at this rate.



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    GGG, I think the rubber walls that you set up for Black Friday are causing the bouncing.

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    where are you grabbing same day bounce rate from? GA?

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    Yes. I'll usually keep an eye on it to see if there's a problem I may not know about.

    Early a.m. bounce rates are always high, but we've had plenty of traffic today for an 'accurate' reading. Down slightly, but still much higher than usual.

    Which of course, makes me think there's something going on...however, sales are still coming in and abandoned cart to order ratio still okay...so perhaps just coincidental. My demographic doesn't have much time to shop today...they're in a hurry

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    We are seeing some odd behavior. We had NO orders last night from 7:30 pm until 11:59. For the last few days orders will be coming in one right after another and then we will go three hours without an order. During the no order periods traffic is normal or even higher than normal. The bounces seem to occur after they have moved from the landing page.

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    ggg - we're seeing normal bounce rates on all sites currently (note all are non-V)

    gifty - just making sure we're all comparing apples to apples here...the bounce rates in GA will be visitors leaving after viewing [sean connery] 1 page only [/sean connery]. It is sometimes confused with exit rate which simply measures the rate at which visitors leave for that specific page. no matte how many other pages they visit. To complicate matters even more, settings in your GA account can affect bounce rate. Things like integrating social pages to GA

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    hmm. My settings in GA are as basic as they come. One of these days I'll take the time to go deeper, but it won't be right now.

    I don't have time to analyze keywords/landing pages right now either. I'm sure that could influence what I'm seeing, not that I ever know where 'not provided' is coming from and I have zero control over.

    gifty, ..we did have orders throughout last night. However, the night of the 17th was strange for us. And yes, definitely seems like 'order bursts' at times.

    However, our sales are still up significantly from last year and we're currently ahead of projections. Maybe I'm just greedy and I don't know it?

    This bounce rate is driving me bat crazy. I think I'll go back in and reenable the CDN...see if that helps/hurts. Wish there was a way to know if the darn thing was working properly or not!

    Before I do that I'm going to take a quick look and see how much traffic today is coming from mobile....especially Android. That could also explain it.

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    Looks like our bounce rate increased after I disabled the CDN. Now enabled again...I'll see what happens

    Also, 1/3 of our visitors today have been mobile. That bounce rate always at least 10% higher, sometimes more.

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