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    404 Error Uhh??

    How in the world does this show up on my 404 crawl errors?


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    awc, how did you fix this?

    I'm confused this morning with Google reporting these 404 errors...as linked from MY site not another. Also saw them in my stats report. How does this happen????






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    Quote Originally Posted by GGG View Post
    awc, how did you fix this?
    I'm at the point where I just write it off as Google internet chaff. I only redirect the complete urls that are properly "formatted" and not fragmented.

    When I'm done uploading redirects (and check the redirect file to be sure everything took properly) I mark everything as fixed to clean the slate. Most if not all of the chaff should fall away the next Google go-round.

    Check the redirect file and for a second or two before it sorts the list you'll see your screen covered with redirects like one big run-on sentence. I don't know how Google reads stuff but its no wonder we get some chaff in the results.

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    Something must have changed at Google recently-I got a crazy 404 error as well this week. It was so crazy I sent it to support for some help or explanation. My error url was this:


    Support wrote back that I had the link on my homepage (in articles #2) as:


    <a href="B-Witching-Bath-Company-s/xxxx.htm">

    should be changed to

    <a href="/B-Witching-Bath-Company-s/xxxx.htm"

    "the lack of the / or the Config_FullStoreURL will occasionally amend the url to the end of the existing url causing the doubled display you have described."

    It's funny as I didn't enter that link format, that link format was entered by the design team at VOLUSION! But it has been like that since October and I have never received that type of double URL error either. I went ahead and added a / to all of the links on my home page article and I will also just mark the url as fixed in Google? It was a crazy error!
    The Gentle Bath & Company

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    The crazy thing about the links I posted above is that while all of those links look like they could come from my site...none of them are links that I've created.


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