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    Tomorrow's results today?

    We're seeing messed up reporting in the dashboard: We've got results for 1/10/12 even though that's still 5 hours away for us. Anyone else? Is there any part of their operation they can't f-up?

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    Mine too, it has something with the SQL push from also relates to my image post from earlier (that seems to not be approved yet....???)

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    Yes, i'm experiencing this as well as I mentioned in the other comment. A variety of things appear to be changing tonight.

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    Yes, dashboard/reports all whacked out. Appears most recent orders/sales $ may have been counted twice...for 1/9 and 1/10? Too tired to deal with it right now, but obviously frustrating.

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    Same here - I've seen strange things all week. I often work on my store very late night/into early am and that when it seems like things are the strangest.
    The Gentle Bath & Company

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    I woke up a little after 3 am Wednesday morning and watched our site and everything V go down for about 2 minutes.

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    My Dashboard got completely reset and I had to go in and set it all up again.
    I was told years ago that it was a "third party software" that they did not support.
    I think any software they provide that I pay for (my monthly fee) is something they should support. Its like buying a car, driving out of the lot, and having the wheels fall off, only to have the sales person say "those wheels were provided by a third party, we don't cover those" LOL

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    Downtime...I got so stressed out about this before Christmas I have stopped monitoring downtime as that only makes me worse when I am completely helpless to resolve things that are totally under V's control. There is not much worse from an ecommerce business point of view than staring at your site when it is 'dead'. I have found this is the best way to lessen the pain as nothing seems to change however much we rant and rave and I really do not want to go through another 6 months of bi-weekly maintenance downtime.

    Overall I can cope with the rest of the glitches and otherwise enjoy using the volusion platform. But it is the downtime that really stresses me and surely is the cardinal sin of any ecommerce provider.

    I sincerely hope that is V's new year resolution to reduce downtime and make their customers happier and most likely increase their customer retention.

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    My dashboard appears to be fixed.

    Unfortunately, we've had the worst sales day in so long that I can't even remember.

    Given the password changes, the fact that I suddenly have missing images, and apparently I can't buy an order, I ditched a trade show early to try and figure out wtheck is going on with my site.

    In Gentle Bath's words...I'm tweaked. Really, really tweaked.

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