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Thread: Listrak for email marketing?

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    Listrak for email marketing?

    Hello All;

    Does anyone use Listrak for email marketing? They tout Volusion integration on the front page of their site and in a webinar, even listed some Volusion merchants they say use their service. Wanted to see if anyone had any experience with it before contacting them directly. Currently, we use Constant Contact for marketing but wanted to step it up a bit. Thank you.


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    we use mail chimp and love them...

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    I'm using Listrak and Volusion since September 2012. I have customer purchase metrics integrated and love it that I can send specific offers to my list based on their purchase history. I hated the fact that all the entry-level mail services (icontact, mailchimp, constantcontact) didn't have a way to integrate my customer purchase behavior into promotions, so it was either spend 3-4 hours before each promotion just figuring out a segment, or automate it with Listrak. On top of that the autoresponder is killer. You can tailor it to do just about anything you want based on click behavior or whatever criteria you have. I joined right at the inception of Volusion CPM (customer purchase metrics) integration, so it was a bit rocky, but they've figured it out and it works well.

    If you just want to blast emails, you can use any service.

    If you want to be strategic, targetted, and see higher conversions, I recommend Listrak.

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    BabyBeauandBelle and raphael

    Thanks for the info, appreciate it.


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    What are the costs for Listrak? They don't mention it on their site so I assume it is rather expensive.

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    We use Listrak for emails, cart abandonment, birthday emails and we are about to sign up for customer purchase metrics. We used Constant contact before listrak and I am very glad we switched.. We have been with them for a year and a half and could not be happier. There support is really good there systems are light years beyond constant contact. Its like upgrading your Tricycle to a Yamaha R1..
    The prices are not bad, for us with our set up it actually worked out to be cheaper then constant contact..

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    Bumping this thread. We are looking at upgrading our email marketing platform. We are looking at listrak. Does anyone else have comments or feedback on this service. Thanks.

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