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Thread: Volusion 'mobile' templates, any experience?

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    Volusion 'mobile' templates, any experience?

    Volusion now is promoting sites that have a mobile 'part/template/thing'. Does anyone have experience with these? The promo screen grabs don't really show much. What extra is included above the features you'd get just by turning on the mobile option?

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    Hmm...looked at the gallery and I see what you're talking about, Phil. Good question!

    Also wonder if it still takes customer back to non-mobile shopping cart/checkout?

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    Volusion hasn't changed anything regarding their mobile. If you're talking about those "premium" templates that say it comes with a mobile design, it's referring to the basic mobile homepage you can do using /mobiledefault.htm

    There is a thread from Ben discussing it here


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    So it would seem that your $1000 gets you a fairly nice template with a mobile landing page too, along with the colors, buttons and such, but the mobile site is the same basic one you get anyway, and checkout goes back to the impossible-to-use-on-a-phone version. Yes?

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    Exactly. The mobile phone they're showcasing is just a "splash" page for mobile phones. Beyond that is the usual jank mobile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by demitrius View Post
    ...jank mobile.
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