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    Current First Impression of BigCommerce

    I had to laugh at this.

    First test checkout. Checked out as guest and got this email:


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    Perhaps it's a colloquial thing and it sounds better in an Australian accent
    Apart from that how is it going?

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    Doing lots of testing on several platforms. Big Commerce got a re-visit this week (last trial was some time ago) and is now ruled out.

    I'm not sure if they are trying to copy Volusion or vice versa. Lots of fluff!

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    BTW - A USA based company is also more desirable.

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    When I trialled with BC from what I can remember shipping and various currency settings were a bit of a nightmare if you are not US or AU based. In fairness I found this with a few other carts I tried like Magento Go too. At least in Volusion I managed to set up Shipping without too much stress.

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    Hi all, I popped in here to see what was going on here. I too will be looking. I need a cart with good multiple options features and stock control, if you have seen any that handle those smoothly let me know.
    The Gentle Bath & Company

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