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Thread: How can I change the template theme color?

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    How can I change the template theme color?

    I just downloaded a BC template Furniture Ecru. But I don't like the gray color theme and want to change to a blue one. I read through the BC Guide in pdf and am able to change color to many panels, blocks, but still don't know how to change the gray color for the overall theme.

    Could someone tell me what to do or let me know where I can look up for this?

    Many thanks!


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    Unless a former V store owner stops by to visit, you're probably better off asking this question on the Big Commerce 'official' forum. At least until more BC stores start posting here...

    Good luck!

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    Hi Kelly,

    OK, I'll do that. Could you let me know where their official forum is?

    I'm always thanking you for your help.


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    No worries, Simon.

    Looks like this will take you to their 'official' forum. Should be able to find tons of BC template specific help there.

    Hope this helps,


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    Many thanks, Kelly!

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    If you navigate to Styles, you should find the active stylesheet for your site. You likely want to change the backgound of the body element (though it may depend on your template).

    Here is a BC article about it.
    <div style="float:left;">
    <a href="" rel="me">Scott Williams</a>
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    Oops...nevermind...Scott knows all of the platforms.

    I should've known

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    Scott and Kelly, I did exactly what you and the forum suggest on how to change the template background color. After I changed it to #25118B, which is a blue color, nothing happens. The template looks the same. The template I use is Ecru with gray background. Maybe BC templates are different from each other in terms of custom flexibility? Or I need to upgrade from Trial to a paid plan?

    Many thanks.


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    No, you can change the template on a BC trial store. Either post or PM your trial store URL. It's always possible there is another element the background is inherited from.
    <div style="float:left;">
    <a href="" rel="me">Scott Williams</a>
    Technical Marketing Manager

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