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    Customer Service Emails

    Since Volusion does not allow for additional email templates to be accessed from the order page within the admin area I would like to know if there is a software such as MailChimp that offers this integration. Right now we use a Firefox browser extension to paste the contents of a number of canned customer service emails into an email compose screen. This still requires the following actions just to send this kind of email to a customer:

    1. Copy and paste the customer's email address into the compose screen
    2. Type or copy the reference line details such as Order #
    3. Right click the browser extension to locate and paste the contents of the email.
    4. In some cases edit the contents to make minor changes in our canned responses.

    Examples of the kind of the customer service email that I am describing:
    1. Delivery date explanation and expectations - You selected ground shipping yet added a conflicting delivery day request in the order notes or around holidays where gift message indicates one thing and shipping selection is in conflict.
    2. Shipping to a hospital but the patient isn't there
    3. Shipping address issue
    4. Personalization text issues
    5. Do you want a gift message? When it obviously a gift going to a different address.
    6. Your item is back ordered ....
    7. Cancelled order confirmation
    8. Tracking number request when item has not shipped because it is a custom item and has to be made.
    9. Trying to ship something into Canada, other foreign company, P O Box or Military Address that can not be sent there (Wouldn't it be great if we could indicate this on a product level?)
    10. Trying to ship a gift with wine into a state or location that doesn't allow it (again wouldn't it be great...?)
    11. Why hasn't my refunded posted within 5 minutes of it being issued...?

    We are trying to do everything as fast as possible so I am just trying to see if any one else has a better way to do these emails.


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    I actually use our shipping program, ShipWorks as a quasi-email/customer service tool right now until I can find a better way, Since Shipworks downloads all our orders and sends all the mail through our domain email AND has pre-made email templates that can be duplicated and customized to no end, it is actually is working fairly well. The fact that I can attach the actual order to any email is a big help. I have even made up emails for refunds and product returns that I attach with a revised order if need be. That is the up side...

    The down side is that there is a lot of manual updating and revising of orders once they are in ShipWorks. ShipWork has a one-time download of an order and from then on no changes are made regardless of what happens in V. They do not have a back and forth exchange of data at all. They also are probably the worst with partial shipments too, again because they do not talk back and forth to V, and because they do not have a split order feature either. The did recently add in some product attributes that really help, but again it is all manually done. For me, having the email functions attached to the order in a manner I can control is worth the extra manual order revisions...

    If you have any questions for examples let me know or pm them to me and I will be happy try and help I looked at OrderCup and ShippingStation but they could not compare to the email features in SW although they ran circles around them in the shipping department, I really use the emails and templates as much as the shipping component and would have the same problems you are talking about if I left them.

    Emails are so time consuming in Volusion because so many of them are order related and without the order and all the customer info it get so complicated and time consuming just with simple replies! I would love to hear if there are better ways of doing this as mine is far from perfect too, but it is the best that I've come up with so far!
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    We have been using a software package (now also available as a cloud service) called Email2DB for the past 5 years. It can probably do everything you want to do and more. However it is not cheap and it does have a bit of a learning curve to setup all of the rules. You will find more details at

    Another possibility is Desk. It also has extensive automation processes available for email and can probably do everything Emal2DB does and is somewhat less expensive. Setup however will take a bit of time and learning.
    Volusion refugee

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    Looks like just what we need

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