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Thread: Buy 2 get one free - how do I set this up?

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    Buy 2 get one free - how do I set this up?

    Hi all,
    I am stumped as to how to set up a sale for Buy 2 (or 3), Get 1 Free.
    I see how to do buy 1, get 1 using free accessories, or to do 50% off using discounts, but I can't really afford the 50% discount, so buy 2 get one free works better for me.

    Any ideas? I suspect it is something simple that I have missed, but it eludes me!

    All help appreciated!

    kind regards,

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    I have never been able to get that to work either. The closest I have come is set a coupon with a minimum quantity of 3 and a dollar off amount equal to the value of one. Unfortunately that does not work if they get 4 and you have to explain they have to add 3 to the cart and then apply the coupon.

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