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    Different E-Commerce

    Hello Everyone, I am about to open a new website selling completely different products. Now I've found many issues with Volusion like many of you.

    I was wondering if any of you have tried any other ecommerce sites such as bigcommerce, or others. I need to find a ecommerce that has many free templates and that allows me to do my own seo easily and seamlessly. Have you had better success in sales in another ecommerce, or heard good things about . . .

    Please lemme know

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    Most people here have agreed in past threads that SEO capability in Volusion is one of their best features (exceptions being mobile responsive design, the product and category IDs at the end of URLs, and maybe a couple of other things).

    If you search the forum, you will find many threads discussing experience with other ecommerce shopping carts.

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    Big Commerce and 3dCart are worth a look.

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    Tell us about some of the things that you don't like about Volusion, and we may be able to recommend that you'll like better.

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    We are switching our 2 V stores and our CoreCommerce over to 3DCart. My account rep has been great, and tech support is very helpful during the transition. 3DC is very progressive and I have seen several features added that we were looking for. They also have a module for managing multiple stores under their platform. Unlike V, 3DC code is readily accessible and will allow you to have better control. We looked at BigCommerce and Americommerce but we saw a better value for us with 3DC.

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    Don't blame you for leaving V!! PLEASE update us every once in awhile on your 3DC experience. There may be some who follow down the road

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    It depends on your company needs and your level of expertise more than anything. There is nothing special about what Volusion does for SEO. In fact, their piss poor server response times, down times, lack of page caching etc etc hurt more than anything they do that's helpful.
    I run a fairly large eCommerce storefront and have spent the better part of a year researching over 90+ shopping carts that we could transition to. Our problem (if you want to call it that) was that we grew so quickly that we really have to tread carefully in our transition... not to mention our owner wants everything meticulously detailed to cover all our basis.

    I'd be happy to share my experience on all the different carts to anyone that is interested... but I'll need more details. You should be leery of anyone that suggests a shopping cart without knowing more about your business, there is no such thing as a 1 size fits all in this world.

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    There are a few hiccups we have found with 3DC so far.

    I had a customer who chose a more expensive method of shipping, and I thought maybe I can save him money by changing from FedEx Home Delivery to USPS Priority. I wasn't too sure how to change within the backend so I called Support for the official method. To paraphrase, the rep tells me 'you'll need to void the order and recreate a new one'. WHA?!? As it turns out, there is no easy way to change the shipping method. For me to accomplish, I would need to manually retype the shipping text from FedEx to USPS method, then guesstimate what the shipping amount would be and manually change that as well. Go get the correct $ amount, I would need to add same items to new cart, then fill in zip code to determine amount, then cut and paste into order. THEN, I'll need to go through Authorize.net to make the final revised capture. While V is not the best method, it is a lot less hokey than that. Especially with the holiday season upon us, Customers may be asking to expedite their shipping method after placing order, and there are a lot of needless gyrations one has to go through to get this changed with 3DC.

    I'm also looking at an order to determine if I can add items to the order, and there is no provision to add items. What if a customer wants to add an item? If it's not changing a qty from 1 to 2, you're S.O.L. - you will need to create a new order. That's not very backend friendly.

    Maybe someone can share how they make these changes.

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