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    Drop Ship

    I am looking for a way to drop ship on Big Commerce. Ideally, it would work like this:
    - Customer places order that will be fulfilled from 4 different vendors.
    - Big Commerce would kick off 4 PO emails, packing slip, and Shipping labels (using my shipping account) to the Vendors
    - Vendor slaps the shipping label on the box and drops of at shipper
    - Shipper scans label and tracking information is automatically updated in Big Commerce.

    Does anyone do anything close, and what tools are you using?

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    I think a lot of Bigcommerce stores are using ordoro for enhanced shipping capabilities. It looks like it would be a good place to start with its dropshipping capabilities.

    There are a variety of other Bigcommerce apps that can enhance the shipping abilities of your store as well. You can take a look in the marketplace on their site to see more.

    Here's a link to the ordoro app page. http://www.bigcommerce.com/apps/ordoro/
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    I have a similar question and would love more feedback from anyone out there who might have discovered some inexpensive or free plug-ins or other options to implement drop shipping / multiple warehouse location real time shipping calculations in BigCommerce. It seems like a simple no-brainer feature and I am surprised that BigCommerce does not have it. I read on another website that they were planning on implementing such a feature back in 2010 but chose to wait for their next release so they could "make it function properly". Well here it is in 2014 and what I was told by one of the sales reps recently is that BigCommerce is afraid if they include a drop shipping feature, customers will try to run more than one store from one account. Not a good answer in my book, but that is what they said.

    So, what I need is very simply to designate certain products or categories in my store that will ship from at least unique zip codes and preferably also specific shipping carriers.

    I am also open to your recommendation on an alternative shopping cart that might have this feature built in. I am currently trying out 3DCart which supports this functionality internally. Not sure how well it is going to work, but it at least has the functionality built in to the system.

    Thanks for your feedback!

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