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Thread: changing from Volusion to Big Commerce

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    changing from Volusion to Big Commerce

    I am thinking of leaving Volusion and investigating changing to Big Commerce. The only option I have checked out so far. They said with the Gold plan of $79.00 month. There are no bandwidth overage charges and they will migrate all of my products for me. I will have to pay someone to design the site to look like my existing site. The question is: Has anyone moved from Volusion to Big Commerce and how do you feel about the move? Was it a nightmare? Did it affect your ranking etc.?

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    Send GuyNamedMatilda a pm...he made the move to BC and may have time to answer questions.

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    Was a good move for us

    We just moved 1-1-14, so far it's the best thing we have done in the last 3 years. Wasn't a nightmare, but was a HUGE undertaking that was a long time in planning and setup prior to "throwing the switch". Took the Volusion site down at about 5 PM, went live on BC site w/ SSL cert installed and functioning about 9 the next morning. First order by 3 pm and average day compared to previous years (New Years Day so we weren't expecting much)

    Our CSR likes the phone order and admin panel a lot. Admin panel is an improvement on Volusion but still seems like a lot of information available that should be easier to mine via reporting. Back end order processing is much better/smoother/more intuitive in BC. There is no on page editing which we miss a lot. Big hassle going through the "view product" avenue of editing or quick fixing errors. Paypal integration was always sketchy with Volusion, it works flawlessly in BC. I could go on and on, the 2 platforms are night and day, with BC winning hands down in our opinion.

    Support is a little iffy, certainly no worse than Volusion (who in the 3 years we were with them went from EXCELLENT support to cut and paste from an incomplete knowledge base) but not a lot better. That being said, they are helpful with genuine software issues and technical questions. Less so with set up and configurations challenges and will politely tell you to pound sand if you contact them for help with design/layout/coding questions. I don't have a huge problem with that .... anybody who expects hours of "handholding" and "help" vs. technical support month after month for 75 or a hundred bucks is delusional.

    We have our included SEO consultation next week, and despite very incomplete optimization throughout the site, not only has our organic traffic not suffered, it is actually up.

    Still hard to find competent coders to do ongoing modifications on an ad hoc basis at a reasonable rate. Too easy to sell $15,000 design packages I suppose Small modification and design changes are probably a little easier and more robust than Volusion, but the bottom line is that on either, if you want to do ANYTHING beyond change the color and placement of a couple of panels or add a picture somewhere, you're going to need at least a thorough understanding of html/css. Not saying that's good or bad, just the way it seems to me.

    If it's in your budget, the $149 plan includes probably 5 or 6 hours of personal "coaching" re: set-up, migration, seo optimization etc. Even if it's overkill, I think those "extras" were worth a lot more than the difference in package price. Then, once up and running, if business doesn't warrant the higher package, you can downgrade, I believe, at any time.

    By the time we finally left Volusion it was like a messy divorce. I have nothing good to say for a Company I used to rave about.

    YMMV, Good Luck!

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    @Ratmandu Thank you for sharing you experience. Having worked on BC quite a bit I tend to agree with most of your assessments.

    @antiquesparrow we have moved client's stores from Volusion to Bigcommerce before. It is generally pretty smooth. Matching a template is not impossible.

    In my mind the biggest challenges are:
    1. Product options - if you have a lot of them with a fair amount of variety, these can be very difficult. It is the most difficult data piece in any migration.
    2. Additional template files - while this is not at all complex, a big difference is the numerous template files that you have access to. All of a sudden you have control over and thus a desire/need to modify/update many other pages such as the checkout pages, confirmation pages, and much more. With Volusion, you have your general frame that mostly has stuff you have little control over injected into it. With Bigcommerce you can find yourself investing additional time working on these.

    One key advantage that Bigcommerce has is that you can match your Volusion URLs exactly for product and category pages. So, if desired, you can avoid 301 redirects. If you stick with the same domain, content, and URLs you should not be hurt from an SEO perspective (all else held equal).

    Bigcommerce is not perfect, but overall it is a great system.
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    @ Scott Williams @Ratmandu

    After another heart stopping bandwidth overage bill, I made the leap and signed up with BC as their was free product migration and they did all the redirects etc. When setting up shipping with my success squad consultant, I discovered an over-simplified system. I offer free shipping on orders over $100 with a few exclusions. I have items that weigh 25-40 pounds that I am not going to give free shipping to. In volusion it is simple to select whether a product is eligible for free shipping or not. IN BC the only way to not include an item is if it has flat-rate assigned to it. I really don't want to assign flat rates to these large and or heavy items. The price to ship is vastly different if it is one state away as opposed to cross country. Has anyone else had this issue and how did you address it. Feeling kind of sick about learning a new system. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by GGG View Post
    Send GuyNamedMatilda a pm...he made the move to BC and may have time to answer questions.
    Was curious to see what was up lately with Volusion and happened to see this post. Look at my post history to see how it went for me.

    As of now, 16 or so months later, man am I glad I left. Sales continue to climb, downtime has basically been non-existent since I joined, pages load's all just really good news.

    I just skimmed through some of the posts on here about Volusion problems over the holidays and I just shake my head. It's like reading the recounting of a battered wife who just keeps living with an abuser, but is too afraid to let go. Yeah, it's scary, and if you screw it up it won't go well for you. But if you are reading this and wondering, get out now. I'm standing here on the other end of the tunnel and I love it.

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    Omg, I got a $343 bandwidth overage charge from Volusion and made the leap to Big commerce. I paid to have my designer recreate my site in a responsive template. They pointed my domain name to the BC site about noon today. So far can't complete a single order. The shipping orders are wrong. I had someone call me that their order wouldn't go through. I called the support line (as of Monday they actually have 24/7 support) I talked to them for awhile and Made some changes and then said ok let me try and place their order now. He said " You mean you intend to place an order now?" "Yes" I said. "Oh, he couldn't wait while I did that, he had people in the queue to answer" You guessed it , I got off and tried to place the customers order and still it didn't charge them shipping even though I had applied fixed shipping to the item. I called again and while this gentleman stayed on line with me while I tried to place the order. It still wouldn't work. I have submitted screen shots. etc. I am giving this experiment another 24 hours then I am chalking it up to a very expensive lesson. I haven't once submitted a question to chat and gotten an answer. Frustration abounds.

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    Wow! That is a serious overage fee! That alone is reason enough to move.

    There are plenty of stores that "work" on Bigcommerce. I think it is just a matter of getting your settings right. I have not heard of this happening before nor have we experienced on the stores we have set up or migrated to BC.

    I am curious:
    1. Did you have Bigcommerce help you move with their "white glove" service that migrates your payment/shipping/etc settings for you?
    2. Did you do much testing ahead of time?
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    Are you saying that you did no test orders before going live?

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