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Thread: Bigcommerce Releases Free Responsive Template

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    Bigcommerce Releases Free Responsive Template

    I just got off the phone with our Bigcommerce partner rep, who shared with me that they quietly released a free responsive web design template last week.

    Some of us were just discussing responsive websites on the various ecommerce platforms last week.
    Quote Originally Posted by ritchey View Post
    And if I was Big Commerce, I would make a free responsive template.
    They have responded to Ritchey's request and released a free version made by Bigcommerce themselves. The free template is appropriately called Reactive and can be installed with just 2 clicks.

    If you don't have a trial store, you can take a look on our Convergent7 dev store.

    If you want to easily review how it responds without whipping out 5 devices, you can follow my responsive design tip from last week on Google+.

    I played around with it some, and, while not perfect, it looks like a great value for free. At a glance it looks like the checkout responds pretty well too. It would be a great starting place for someone not wanting to get a custom design from a company like Convergent7.

    3dcart and Bigcommerce now both have not just the ability to go responsive but free templates. Now it's your turn Volusion.
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    looks very nice to me, I especially like the rounded zoom function, very slick design, if only Volusion had something like this..........

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