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Thread: Force upper case in text fields

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    Force upper case in text fields

    Anyone know how to force uppercase in text fields (product options)? I got it to force int he display on the product page by modifying the styles.css, but it still passes lower case to the cart. I need it to be uppercase all the way thru

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    If using CSS, that will just change how it appears. It will not impact the data submitted. If you want to actually make it uppercase so that it carries through later, you would have to use javascript to convert it at some point.
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    dammit, i suck at javascript. i'll post here for everyone once i muddle my way through it

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    Add to any article on the onepagecheckout page.

    <script type="text/javascript">
    			this.value = this.value.toUpperCase();
    	return true;

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