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Thread: New BING product ads/feed guide out March, 2014

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    New BING product ads/feed guide out March, 2014

    I had started working on a Bing feed last Dec in godatafeeds. When Eric had surgery it went on the back burner until this week. When I tested my first feed, it had a lot of errors so I submitted a ticket to GDF. They responded with the following information regarding New Bing guidelines that were just published last week.

    Bing Ads is now integrated with Bing Shopping and changes have been made to their feed validation recently. We have created a new feed template called; 'Bing Shopping - New.' Please set up the new template and submit this to Bing. In the coming months, we expect Bing to start contacting existing merchants to modify their feed to the new feed.

    Another major change on the Bing feed is the taxonomy. Previously, Bing's taxonomy was only 15 categories; there are now about 2,000. The new taxonomy has been updated on BOTH templates: 'Bing Shopping' and 'Bing Shopping - New.'

    Please review the links below on the changes that have been recently made to Bing Shopping.

    Follow this link if you need additional support for Rich Captions or have more questions regarding this change.
    Message to merchant:

    Bing Ads is now integrated with Bing Shopping as part of the Microsoft AdCenter. Bing now allows merchants to copy their Google AdWords campaigns to their Bing account. Please see the Bing Shopping FAQ for details.
    Q: Part of the registration process requires me to enter in my credit card number. Is Bing Shopping still a free program?

    Cost reporting no longer works for Bing, since they require the URLs to reflect exactly what is on the website.
    Luckily I was able to switch to the new module before I got too far into the setup process. My feed was just submitted last night for the first time with just a few errors, I am anxious to see what type of response I get to this venue. I have not advertised on Bing for a long time. Also, btw, the new guide (url above) seems MUCH improved and clearer that previous editions! I hope they are getting their act together finally. It would be nice to see someone give Google some competitions for ads.
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    Thanks for the heads up, Brenda. Mine was about 97% finished before the holidays and new product arrivals.

    It figures.

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    GGG - let me know if I can help you anyway! I have my downloaded feeds if you need any samples. I do not think you will find much difference (I hope) apart from all the new categories. This new guide is 100% better than all of the scattered resources they used to have too. Well done with Good Examples!
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