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Thread: High Ticket Order - Sound OK?

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    High Ticket Order - Sound OK?

    I have had a number of higher ticket orders this weekend, that I checked out, but this one just came in that far surpasses them all that I need to be extra careful with. It is an order for over a grand and I followed all of the checks I could find on here and this is what I've got so far:

    Buying/Shipping Address: Same, USA
    IP Address: Checks out to buyers address
    Map it: Nice residential home buyer/shipping address match
    Google: Check, many matches plus I located owner name on deed/appraisal to address on order (can afford order)
    Facebook: Check, matches name and city
    CC: AMEX AVS-Y, CSC-M (match right?) I use PP so that is all I get

    Would that be enough to ship or should I still call the customer tomorrow and verify? I am always paranoid they will give me a fake number to call and of course will verify order. Am I missing anything else I can do behind the scenes?
    The Gentle Bath & Company

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    Verified PayPal account/address? Or used AMX through PayPal?

    Can you verify the phone number belongs to the name (Google search)and then call to confirm?

    An order that large, I would make sure it cannot be re-routed to another address (are you shipping UPS?), and I would use signature required delivery.

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    • AMX through PP so I do not have number to call AMEX or I would do that too.
    • I have to email her tonight as there are some backorders, that will give me a good reason to call tomorrow to follow up on the phone #
    • Phone does come up w/buyer name
    • I do ship UPS w/Adult Sig req and insurance through ShipWorks which covers a bit more the UPS, but that is a good idea to add the routing piece (if I can do that through the program)

    Thanks, good ideas and if this would have been a bit lower I wouldn't have even blinked after the first few checks, but this would be terrible to lose all the stock and money too.
    The Gentle Bath & Company

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