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    3rd party amazon and ebay


    We are looking to move from V to BC here soon. We need to manage and ship orders for the store, amazon and ebay.

    We would like to be able to pull all the orders from the three channels, process and ship those orders. It would also be nice if tracking could be updated automatically for all three.

    When we asked BC about this they recommended that we use Ordoro. Ordoro looks great but is very pricey at 600/mo for the plan we would need. Does anyone else have any other recommendations? I had thought about using Seller Express along with ShipWorks but I haven't done much research into that yet.

    We would also like to manage our inventory/listings with a third party instead of having to do so on amazon and ebay. Any suggestions on that as well?

    Thanks for any information.

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    Do you use ShipWorks now? I do and although I don't sell a lot of cross-channel I'd love to find a stand alone inventory program and dump QB for the inventory/COGS piece and only dump aggregate revenue/expenses into QB. With all the new filters and reports in ShipWorks it would be much easier to do.

    If you don't use SW, they pretty much import orders from all the marketplaces and send tracking back too, but you have to process each venues orders separately. They are much more reasonable then $600/mo though. Then, there's the inventory piece you'd have to add and what I am also looking for.

    If you just want to push out products to Amazon and eBay I think godatafeeds can do that piece. But then you are still left with the inventory tracking.... If you find a good inventory tracker - could you post here?
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    Other tools:
    Stone Edge with Monsoon
    Solid Commerce

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    I use Ordercup and have been exceedingly happy with them for a very long time.
    While I don't have separate Amazon or Ebay stores, I see that they do integrate with those platforms. I would check them out, for sure. They integrate very well with Volusion, imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ritchey View Post
    Other tools:
    Stone Edge with Monsoon
    Solid Commerce
    Thanks for the shout-out, ritchey!

    I'm with Solid Commerce and am happy to answer any questions about functionality. It definitely sounds like we can help you with everything that you're looking to accomplish. Our software is designed to bring order, inventory, listing, repricing, and supplier management all into a single interface. You can basically manage every aspect of your eCommerce operations in one place. We've got pretty low pricing options, and are flexible, so we'll work with you on something that's good for everyone.

    Let me know if you've got any further questions. Good luck!

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