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Thread: Volusion Mobile App wont load

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    Volusion Mobile App wont load

    Thought I might try using the mobile app for some inventory counting but I kept getting an error message that it could not load and to contact support. I deleted it and reinstalled but same thing.

    1) Do I need to have my mobile store enabled for it to work?

    2) If I could get to work, would I even be able to enter any inventory adjustments?

    I thought it would be a good idea to verify inventory levels right in the stock room with my ipad. Using the desktop site is OK but not great as it sticks sometimes or hard to activate some buttons at times.
    The Gentle Bath & Company

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    mobile app != mobile store

    It's something on their end - no surprise. I've noticed people reporting issues with it as well. I wouldnt trust it at all to do any form of store updates.

    The app is junk. Dont know who they are trying to fool, developing on modern environments.

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    Yes, opened a ticket and no easy fix. It is still open so I assume there must be issues going on because I have received a response since they asked for my sign-in.

    I actually thought that what a nice feature it would be if we could take "Live" inventory counts on an ipad right in the stock room! I guess I was too optimistic about a V feature!
    The Gentle Bath & Company

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