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Thread: Review stars on category pages?

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    Review stars on category pages?

    Since V introduced the feature, I've been displaying product review stars on our category pages.

    However, as I look at the pages... I realize that with the exception of a handful of products (thank God!) all of our products with reviews display 4 or 5 ratings.

    So is that really helpful to a customer? Also, I'm wondering if customers would think we're faking since huge majority have really good ratings?

    Has anyone enabled/disabled and if so, did you see a difference in ctr/conversion?

    Opinions? Facts?


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    Huh?? You complaining about good reviews?

    If you like I will write a few bad ones to even it out for you.

    Really Grandma, nothing on your site strikes me as being fake so relax and be thankful they are what they are.

    I just don't understand why people on these forums are so freaking paranoid. Stop the paranoia as it's going to do you more harm than good. Gee whiz.
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    I agree with Marc that nothing on your site gives the impression of being fake or manipulated.

    Regarding your question on conversion: I do not have stars on my category pages, and I have few reviews on my site in general because I do not solicit them. However, I do have a high conversion rate, and returning customer rate.

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    LOL Well, my hair IS fake and I'm not changing it.

    I use product reviews all the time to make my buying decisions. Maybe I should pay more attention to if I read before or after clicking on a product page. Yep, a carefully analyzed a/b test. However, I'd like customers 'seeing' the product vs. review stars.

    No complaints about our reviews! We work very hard for those. Just wondering re: customer response on category vs. product page. Also wonder if products that haven't yet received reviews are ignored.

    Wasn't really a concern before because we didn't have many reviews, but as we gather more I just wonder about effectiveness on a category page. That's the wrong word, but it's early Sunday a.m.

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    From personal experience on how I do shopping, anything that helps me figure if I should choose a product helps. And review stars is something I use a huge amount when deciding to make a purchase.

    Of course it should be A/B tested, but my gut feel is there is a lot more important areas to focus on.

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    It just hit me the other day and I started to wonder. Not a big deal, but a config variable at the flip of the switch. I see that very few on V use it for category pages.

    I know some sites even let me sort by reviews and others I have to drill down. However, most of the big boys don't seem to show the actual stars on the category page. I'll have to pay attention which one I use most. And which one gets more of my hard earned cash.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GGG View Post
    However, most of the big boys don't seem to show the actual stars on the category page.
    Wrong. Disregard.

    I revisited more than a few of the sites that I've purchased from in the past year. They do list review stars on the category pages. The difference is in the actual styling. While the review stars are there, they are less obvious than mine and photos/product titles stand out more. It makes complete sense to me given my question in the first place. Focus on the product with review stars there for customer convenience.

    Assuming that they've all probably done 100 kinds of a/b testing with staff experts (AND got my $), I think I'll follow suit and add that styling change to my ever growing list of site tweaks.

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    I have reviews on my category pages and I believe they are helpful. I use and frequently see people reading reviews. I've not done any a/b testing. It's also on my to-do list... somewhere....

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