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Thread: Tag Line Feedback Appreciated!

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    Thanks GGG!

    Periods it is.

    And the dresses I sell are 100% for Special Occasions, as well as special feeling.

    Elite Dresses for Girls
    Beautiful. Special. Guaranteed.

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    Looking at your website here is what I see:

    Beautiful Girl's Dresses for Life's Celebrations

    As for the the customer service do you really want to go there? That means phone calls and time? The point of online sales is ..... but if you want to go there add a 2nd line:

    Exceptional Customer Service at Affordable Prices

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    reigny's right... no apostrophe!

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    So it should be:

    Girls' Dress Boutique

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    Quote Originally Posted by ritchey View Post
    So it should be:

    Girls' Dress Boutique
    This is humiliating. I'd have to check with one of my editor friends. However, isn't that showing possession? As in a bunch of girls owning a single dress. I think the other way was showing one girl owning a dress.

    Where are the Grammarly members on this forum?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ritchey View Post
    So it should be:

    Girls' Dress Boutique
    No. You have it correct already.

    It should be Girl's.

    If the word "girl" ended with the letter "s", then the apostrophe would be at the end.

    For example:

    Men's room vs Ladies' Room

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    Feedback appreciated, I am working on redoing my logo. My goal is when people go to my site, they can instantly tell they are at a site for Little Girls' Dresses. Third version so far...

    Quick thoughts:

    1. Gold does not match color of site at all.
    2. Girl is cute.
    3. Tagline I want it to go with the .
    4. Site name on top I like better.
    5. Larger text for tag line would be good.

    Last edited by ritchey; 08-21-2014 at 08:46 AM.

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    To start with: "A" for sure.

    It conforms better to the "F" pattern.

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    I just posted on my personal Facebook. Three published authors, two editors, and I've lost count of the teachers (all probably at work right now). It's almost as if girl is being used as an adjective vs. noun... but doesn't list usage as an adjective in the dictionary.

    It's a good thing my FB friends overlook my ignorance.

    And omg....I'm gonna' hate it if Rick is right. Of course, then I'll just blame it on reigny. LOL!

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    In your new logo, I vote for tagline underneath your business/site name.

    Regarding the apostrophe in girls, that is tricky. I think it is more complicated than a matter of singular vs plural, or possession. Girls and dress are 'attributive nouns' in your line Girls Dress Boutique. Read this article:


    If you use an apostrophe at all, I would side with Rick and use Girl's Dress Boutique.

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    I have a friend who teaches high school English honors classes (honors' / honor's). I'll ask her.

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    I can see this is going to be one of 'those' convos.

    Given the example in KKS' article... (and my gut feeling) I wouldn't use an apostrophe at all. I like that term attributive noun.

    However, I haven't heard back from my FB friends yet who should KNOW. They get paid for this stuff.

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    After some PhotoShop with the top version it's better, still not a 10. A minor change beyond my photoshop ability to do cleanly, is move the biz name from the girl's hands.

    The girl is cute, but I am not feeling she's connected to the rest of the logo. May be change her hand positions?

    I am having an outside artist work on this with unlimited changes...


    My current logo:
    Last edited by ritchey; 08-21-2014 at 09:41 AM.

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    I don't like beautiful special guaranteed so big. imho, it looked better smaller...should not be the focus.

    Are you ready to slap us yet, ritchey?

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