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    Thanks Marc...very cool!
    I just tried it in a demo store and it worked perfectly. I see that I can download the new columns in a CSV file but apparently you cannot upload to these new columns via CSV file. Is this correct? If so, what would you recommend for uploading to these columns for a large number of products.

    If I split my ProductFeatures into six new columns called Feature1,Feature2,Feature3...etc. and I have 1000+ products is there a quick way to bulk upload them?


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    Yes, I too found the same result with the import. Perhaps the server checks for known valid table columns in the CSV before it tries to import them. The only other way would be to run SQL update statements but yes that can get a bit tedious.

    I suppose one could write a ASP script which would prompt for you to load a CSV file then parse it to create a SQL query text file which when saved to the /generic folder could then be executed by the same script. But your talking some work but it is certainly possible.
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    One thing I did manage to do is if you go to the sample1 product and with firebug rename any of the input field names to the new column name and then enter in some text and save it would update the new field for that product code.

    Not exactly something that you could do in bulk but it does work.

    I would be willing to bet that you could bulk update the product table with the new column(s) with an XML import through the webservice API but I haven't tried that yet. Problem with that is that would require API access which the demo stores do not have access to.

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    Well unfortunately, importing data into the new column with XML via the API will not work as well. At least I couldn't get it to, I know the process does work cause I can insert-update data into other normal Volusion product fields.

    This only leaves bulk SQL update statements. So you would have to build a ASP script which loads the CSV file, parses the data for all the columns and then build the SQL update statement as a text file, saving that file to the /Generic folder and then executing that file. Certainly possible but a good amount of work involved.


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