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Thread: We are linked from a Hacker Site

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    We are linked from a Hacker Site

    I started noticing that we have been getting lots of traffic from Russia recently and that one of the sites that was sending us traffic was a site called the devil-group.

    So I joined and found out that our site is listed with 100's of others as easy sites to target for credit card fraud and tips on how to answer the stores questions if called

    This is the link to the thread: http://devil-group.com/forum/hacking...vil-group.html

    (you'll have to join if you want to see if your site is listed)

    Now I know that Volusion does not offer a way to access the htacess file to do a redirect

    Anyone have some suggestions????

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    Proving again how naive I am. Unbelievable!


    Can you do me a huge favor and spell out that site vs. direct link? There's no reason to give this POS site any more notoriety/links than they already have.

    Can't believe they wouldn't already know about it and no clue if they have any way to stop it, but I think I'd send an fyi 'just in case' email to the feds.


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    Im sure there are more sites than the one listed that provide this kind of information to seedy individuals. We usually get hit from Indonesia, so we blocked all those IP address, worked for a while. Now they just change their IP address to a US IP. We were hit last night with 66 orders in about 10 minutes, so obviously using some script to push through cc numbers until one hits. I have been battling this for over a year now, with little success.

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    Authorize.net has a velocity filter that seems to help reduce credit card authorizing for fraud.

    For Indonesia, I just took it out of my shipping options due to fread.

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    I just started using the velocity filter, so hopefully that cuts some of this nonsense out. We actually took out all international shipping, but their IP address came from Indonesia, once we limited all those IP addresses they just started using US addresses and IP's. Its a no win issue for us it seems, jut have to keep finding ways to make it more difficult for them to mass check CC cards, it might just be that Volusion stores are easy to write a script and mass check cc cards.

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    Maybe you can use some sort of Capcha prior to checkout that prevents this?


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