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Thread: Decypher this return policy

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    Quote Originally Posted by deanp View Post
    I just PMd you Rick, but don't rush to read - their site is down. They probably packed up their shit and moved back to Neptune.
    And there went another keyboard from laughing...

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    Quote Originally Posted by deanp View Post
    Ugh, and then there's this:

    "Please allow 4 weeks for the return of funds to your payment method... In some cases, the refund will need to be sent to you via PayPal payment. You will be able to return the funds to the original payment method if desired."

    Uh, 4 weeks? Doesn't that mean, "Because our bank account is at zero balance, please allow us 4 weeks to re-make the money from someone else so we can then give that money to you in the form of a refund."

    And, PayPal what? Geez...
    Big Commerce has the 4 week refund in their standard return policy section.

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    I love the typo idea. I have done a few terrible typo in my career. We had a customer who was sending us email after email about an issue for which we were trying to get an answer so I wrote her to say that we were not ignoring her emails but instead were trying to research the issue and we would get back to her as soon as we knew more. Yes you guessed I left out the not. So that entire situation went from difficult to bad to worse over a genuine typo. She never believed it was a type. Then many years ago when I had just taken over running a weekly newspaper I couldn't read the handwriting of the manager and I put a that 5 lb bag of potatoes was a 10 lb bag of potatoes in an IGA grocery ad. Since then I have always called when there was a question! I had to learn the hard way!

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    I got an email yesterday saying that my return was received and my refund was processed via PayPal. Good thing the email address I was using just happened to be linked to my PayPal account. *eye roll*

    But, there is no money from them in my PayPal account and, of course, no transaction ID matches the one that they probably made up and provided in the email.

    Are we still going with Typo?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deanp View Post

    Are we still going with Typo?
    Nope. We're going with caveat emptor...

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