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    Google Feed and Dimensional Weight

    I guess this got by me?


    We're reaching out today to let you know about changes to the carrier-calculated shipping feature in Google Merchant Center.

    In the US, major shipping carriers recently began calculating many of their shipping rates based on the dimensional weight of a package rather than just the actual weight. These dimensional weight rates take into account the weight, height, length, and width of a package.

    Today, we're introducing support for dimensional weight shipping rates for carrier-calculated shipping methods in Google Merchant Center. This update lets you define the dimensions of your packages used for shipping taking into account the length, width, and height of a package -- in addition to the weight you already provide. We've created three new attributes that merchants can add to their product data to provide the dimensions of shipping packages for an item: 'shipping length', 'shipping width', and 'shipping height'.

    In a recent review of your Google Merchant Center account (Account ID xxxxxxxxxx), we have determined that you have specified one or more carrier-calculated shipping methods in your account. Merchants who have active carrier-calculated methods for the US may need to provide these three additional attributes in their product data in order to allow accurate shipping rate calculations based on dimensional weight. If you're unsure if your carrier is using a new dimensional weight rate model, or whether your shipments will be impacted, please verify directly with your shipping carrier.

    If your carrier has changed the way they calculate shipping rates, you will need to add the following three attributes for items utilizing carrier-calculated shipping rates based on dimensional weight:

    'shipping length' - Length of the item for shipping.

    'shipping width' - Width of the item for shipping.

    'shipping height' - Height of the item for shipping.

    Starting April 6th, 2015, we'll begin verifying that merchants using carrier-calculated rates are providing accurate rates by including these new attributes when the shipping rate is calculated based on dimensional weight. If merchants do not add these new attributes, we'll continue to calculate the shipping rate based on weight only, which could lead to inaccurate shipping rate calculations. Accounts with inaccurate shipping rates will be suspended from Google Shopping.

    To learn more about using the new dimensional shipping attributes, please visit the Products Feed Specification at and select 'United States' at the top.


    The Google Shopping Team

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    got this in my inbox this morning as well....has anybody contacted V yet to see how they are going to allow us to use this info in our Feed?

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    Wondering if I can just remove UPS from our feed shipping settings... and go with our flat rates/USPS?

    Else a lot of work for nada because flat rate/USPS Priority would always be cheaper than UPS... and if I'm understanding correctly Google would always display the cheapest.

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    I questioned V on this to see if they were going to do anything to help us meet this requirement and the response was as follows:

    At the present, we are not making any alterations to the way that our system operates shipping and weights. For carriers that utilize dimensions, we recommend configuring your products to utilize dimensional weights where the weight is calculated by the size of the item. Additional information about dimensional weights and how to calculate them for your products can be found in our knowledge base at

    If you have any other questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. Have a wonderful day!

    Here for you 24x7x365
    Jonathan S. | Volusion Support Concierge

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    tdc10, when I read that response it seems to me that the support concierge misunderstood.

    You're questioning new field requirements for the Google feed... (which V has always stayed current with)... not new shipping calculations on V's back end.

    Wouldn't this just be a matter of adding some extra database fields on the 3rd party integration page?

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    latest V response:

    Based on the communication provided below, updating your Product Weights to use the Dimensional Weight (calculated using the formula provided by FedEx and UPS) will allow the shipping costs to be accurate, fulfilling the Google Shopping requirement for accurate shipping costs. Additionally, you are able to use free or flat rates with Google Shopping to fulfill the requirement for accurate shipping costs.

    Note that while it does not currently appear that length, width, and height are required fields according to Google, we are also engaging with Google to confirm whether any updates that they've communicated are required to be sent, regardless of whether Dimensional Weight could be used to calculate accurate shipping costs.

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    Glad to hear they're talking to Google. V has always stayed up on feed requirements.

    I can't update our product weights to use dim weights, or it will throw off our USPS calculations. USPS is our major carrier given light weight of our products.

    Thankfully, our products are cheaper to ship flat rate. Exception Illinois with very lightweight products... and still not UPS. We only offer Big Brown now for 2 Day Air or customers who refuse to ship otherwise and want to pay through the nose to do it. Very close to canceling our daily pick-up. We lost $ last week.

    I hope UPS and FedEx fall flat on their faces with the new dim weights. Is that vindictive?

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    latest response:


    After consulting with Google, we believe that updating the 'Product Weight' field to use the calculated Dimensional Weight will allow for the shipping costs to be within the standard expectations for accuracy that Google expects. Additionally, Google offers multiple other shipping method types that can be configured without Length, Width, or Height that allow for even more specific accuracy. At this time, we do not have any plans to update our integration with Google Shopping to use the new fields.

    Thank you for choosing Volusion, here for you 24x7x365 – Volusion Support
    Jennifer D.
    (800) 646-3517

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    It is a disgrace that the 3rd party page is so outdated. They continue to make all of these ridiculous admin upgrades while letting the cornerstone of marketing get more and more behind.
    The Gentle Bath & Company

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    V is a dinosaur that will soon be extinct

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    This might be useful for merchants trying to calculate DIM shipping. You can see the full explanation here:

    How to Calculate DIM Pricing
    Example: Shipping a 1 lb. package using UPS Ground


    Box size: length x width x height = total cubic inches of package

    Example: 12″ x 12″ x 8″ = 1,152 cubic inches


    Divide total cubic inches by DIM Divisor, which is a set number determined by each carrier. Here are DIM divisors for the three major US carriers:

    UPS 166 domestic, 139 international
    FedEx - 166 domestic, 139 international
    USPS 194 domestic, 166 international
    Example: 1,152 / 166 (for UPS) = 6.93, or 7 lbs.


    If DIM weight is greater than the actual weight of the package, you will be required to pay the DIM weight, not the actual weight.

    Example: 1 lb. package from Los Angeles to Atlanta (Zone 8)

    12″ x 12″ x 8″ = 1,152 cubic inches / 166 = 6.93 or 7 lbs.
    1 lb. actual weight cost = $10.70 UPS Ground
    7 lbs. DIM weight cost = $14.39 UPS Ground <<< you pay this amount
    Extra cost for DIM = $3.69


    Hope this helps!

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