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Thread: Google Tag Manager and Volusion

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    Excellent! Thanks for the help. I'm updating the code as we speak. Apparently it tracked two orders last night, although we had more than that. So it looks like moving it down further on the page may actually work.

    UPDATE: Got it working. I'm not even sure what I changed, but it's working now. Thanks man.
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    How do you like GTM versus the old way of managing things? I am thinking about converting our site to GTM but don't know if I want to risk breaking things that work...

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    I love GTM. It just removes several steps from adding / removing tags. I also love how you can easily create custom cookies that you can use to track in analytics. This whole data layer thing is a bit confusing, but once you get your conversion tracking working, I love GTM.
    It's not fresh, but it's fruit.

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    I got the Tag Manager thank you page code to fire upon submission of the form in checkout by creating a custom form Trigger in TM.

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