I am trying to show the Vendor Title or Product Manufacturer for each product sold in this custom sales report, but don't know how since it is in a different database. Suggestions?

I think I need some sort of INNER JOIN or query for Vendor Title or Product Manufacturer.

Here is my code.

SELECT Orders.OrderDate as Order_Date, Orders.OrderID as Order_ID, OrderDetails.ProductCode as ProductCode, Orders.ShipFirstName as Ship_First_Name, Orders.ShipLastName as Ship_Last_Name, OrderDetails.Vendor_Price as Product_Cost, Orders.VendorID as Vendor, OrderDetails.ProductName as Product_Name, OrderDetails.Quantity as Quantity, OrderDetails.ProductPrice as Product_Price, SUM(SalesTax1+SalesTax2+SalesTax3) as Tax, SUM(Orders.SalesTaxRate1+Orders.SalesTaxRate2+Orde rs.SalesTaxRate3) as Sales_Tax_Rate, Orders.ShipPostalCode as Shipping_Zip_Code, SUM(TotalShippingCost) as Shipping_Cost, SUM(Total_Payment_Received-SalesTax1-SalesTax2-SalesTax3-TotalShippingCost) as Sub_Total, Orders.Total_Payment_Received as Total FROM Orders INNER JOIN OrderDetails ON Orders.OrderID=OrderDetails.OrderID WHERE DATEDIFF(DAY, Orders.OrderDate, '2/1/2015') <= 0 AND DATEDIFF(DAY, Orders.OrderDate, '2/28/2015') >= 0 GROUP BY Orders.OrderDate, Orders.OrderID, OrderDetails.ProductCode, OrderDetails.ProductPrice, Orders.Total_Payment_Received, Orders.SalesTaxRate1, Orders.ShipPostalCode, Orders.ShipFirstName, Orders.ShipLastName, OrderDetails.Quantity, OrderDetails.ProductName, Orders.VendorID, OrderDetails.Vendor_Price ORDER BY Orders.OrderDate, Orders.OrderID