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    So I got a trial 3dcart

    Just starting to look at it, pretty hard when you're used to looking at Volusion!
    Just wondering, anyone who has switched what are the absolute better things about 3d over Volusion?
    Better customer service, seo, integrations? What's your favorite new thing?

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    DeanP would be the best person to ask here, I think. Try contacting him over email via his site

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    I have a trial store going at 3Dcart too and the admin is not as appealing as Volusion's -- but 3D is working on a new design.

    I would love to have some of 3D's product page design capabilities for product options.

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    The admin page kills me, it's so different for this creature of habit! I'll keep playing with it. Good idea checking with DeanP!

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    There may be an option to try out their new admin. In the 3dCart forum, they are actively listening to feedback on the new admin.

    My take:

    Customer Service - about the same. Both have 24 hour support.
    Uptime - About the same. Volusion has improved a lot.
    Listening to Customer Feedback - 3dCart by a huge amount.
    Openess - 3dCart. They actually have a forum.
    Development Speed - 3dCart by a huge amount
    Good Releases - 3dCart by a huge amount.
    Speed - 3dCart
    Customization - 3dCart
    Admin - Currently Volusion
    SEO - Same. I don't like how 3dCart does the Meta stuff, if your into editing.
    Google Product Listing Ads - Volusion is slightly better last I checked, but it's better to use a third party service.
    Table Editing - Volusion last I checked. Where you can have rows of whatever, and edit them. I call this table editing.
    Stability - 3dCart. With Volusion, I have seen way to many mystery issues that I wonder about, and I feel like a tin foil hat person.
    Core Coding - 3dCart. Volusion seems to be just patching their old code with CSS and Javascript hacks.

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    I'm about a week into setting up my 3D store and have been very pleasantly surprised with it so far. Here are some quick thoughts:

    1. Admin is a bit quirky -- have asked to beta the new admin, but after a week it gets better, getting used to it.
    2. Features I wasn't expecting such as the 3D Feedback, Questions & Answers by customers and staff, multi-ship to addresses for orders, Visa Checkout, Masterpass
    3. I'm real excited about the PO system - hopefully will streamline my vendor ordering headaches!
    4. Customer service has been oustanding; prompt, effective.
    5. Theme/Template selection is far superior to volusion - nice responsive templates for a quarter of the cost.

    My time spent importing categories and products has been much easier and quicker than anticipated, thinking my launch will be in half the time I expected. The plan I signed up for gives the needed bandwidth, greater email boxes, for $35 less than Volusion.

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    Any POS options for those looking? We have considered switching carts, but the new cart must have a robust POS system, or at least better than V, which wouldn't be hard to do.

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    I'm on the 3dcart admin beta trial. There are bugs and quirks, but that is what a limited trial beta is for. They're definitely working on it, and so far it is an improvement over the longstanding admin. If you are coming from Volusion then it won't be a huge shock.

    Ritchey's assessments are pretty accurate. The 3dcart software is not as bulky, which means you can handle more traffic and activity with less bandwidth use. Here is the final word on that:

    If you want to pay substantially less, edit full pages instead of article snippets, customize every single email and subject line as much as you want, and feel like your cart provider is a coworker and not a landlord, then switch, and let me help you do it. You won't lose SEO rank so long as you do things correctly.

    Also, as Ritchey said, the people at 3dcart listen to feedback and engage their customers. I literally just wrote back to Jimmy Rodriguez at 3dcart responding to some questions he posited about merchant needs. These people care.

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    Thanks everyone for all this feedback. I hope you will continue to comment as your makeovers proceed.

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