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Thread: GWT and mobile usability report

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    GWT and mobile usability report

    Has everyone that's gone mobile/responsive seen the mobile usability errors disappear in GWT?

    I'm still seeing warnings for about 25% of our pages despite ok on Google's mobile page tool.

    In addition, despite cache of current home page in SERPs... I haven't seen update of our homepage since March in GWT.

    Just trying to figure out if I'm still having issues from the mirror site, or if GWT is just running behind/irrelevant.


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    I believe GWT is running slow. Google crawled my site and updated mobile usability on 5/2, but still shows quite a few errors including "viewport not configured." I'm giving GWT more time.

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    A few dozen more finally disappeared this morning.

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    Same here. Down to a handful of warnings.

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