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Thread: Showing price and qty with product options

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    Showing price and qty with product options

    Having upgraded to a responsive design and finding out that tables are not responsive, I am migrating all my multi-child products to options.

    Because many of my product options are different prices (not just a diff size or color of the same sku), I would like to be able to show the price and stock status for each option. At the very least, I want to show the qty on hand.
    It seems that if you use V's inventory control feature for the product, then the option won't display if the qty goes to zero, but I would rather show that it is "out of stock" than that it doesn't exist at all.

    Currently, I manually enter the $$cost in each option description field. This is very kludgy(sp?) and difficult to keep track, especially if I want to have a sale. I've no idea how to show the qty.

    Marc-NY did a great customization for parent/child products, and I am hoping that he or someone else has done something similar for options. I am happy to pay for this customization, so please PM me if you can do this.

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    Do you have any product where you haven't changed it over to options yet? Link?

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    I am having trouble with the table expanding for multi-child add to cart as well, i dont want to give it up though.

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