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Thread: Exporting Fields with html into tab-delimited file

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    Exporting Fields with html into tab-delimited file

    I get major headaches trying to export product description fields that contain html into a tab-delimited spreadsheet (I am using it as Amazon feed upload).
    V (?) doesn't seem to know where to end the field and my exports go crazy.

    I am trying to do:
    p.ProductDescriptionShort as Bulletpoint1,
    p.ProductFeatures as Bulletpoint2,
    p.TechSpecs as Bulletpoint3,
    p.UPC_code as UPC,

    and use tab-delimited as the output file.

    Anyone have any ideas on work-around for this?
    I tried exporting to CSV, which I can then open in XCEL and it looks ok. But if I then do a SAVE AS to a tab-delimited file, I am back screwed again.

    As a separate side issue, I also get this error message on my load into Amazon:
    The "upc" (4.89143E+12) field contains an invalid value.
    Any idea how to get this supposed character field to export as a string and not a number? (especially then because the leading zero gets dropped... so I just cannot convert it back to a string.

    Any help or suggestions are appreciated!

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    I've done the export with "Export as Unicode" checked and that seems to help. Also, when you open the file in Excel it should ask you to choose the Delimited Type, then it should preview the rows and where you have to change the rows with UPC codes to "Text" so it doesn't format them incorrectly.

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    We do exports all of the time and have faced all kinds of problems over the years. I am not sure what your exact problem is but from your description here are few recommendations:

    1. Always save the file to your hard drive before you open it.

    2 Try another program such as Open Office/LibreOffice Calc
    We have found many of the problems in Excel go away when using these programs.
    Even Google's spreadsheet solves some of them.

    3. You could also download your file in pieces, clean them up and then combine. Here is the procedure:
    So download each section with the product code with just one of the fields you need and clean it up. Then download the next one. Keep moving forward until you have them all done and then combine everything into one spreadsheet.

    So on another note, what is causing the issue and how to fix it?
    If you are getting page breaks in your spreadsheet where you shouldn't that tells me that you have what we refer to as "trash" (you can not see) on the screen in Volusion in your in code that most likely should be removed. You can often see these if you open a tab-delimited file with a text program such as Text Pad with tabs indicated. You will be able to see where your text file moved to a new tab (column) when it shouldn't.

    Now as to the cause for what I referred to as trash. This happens to us if we paste anything into our site without cleaning it first. This can happen if we load text directly from a vendor's spreadsheet or from someone's Microsoft Document such as Word or Excel. Even if we write a description in one of those programs we always sanitize it by taking it into a Text Pad first. This is so we can remove the formatting that programs like MS Word put in the background that we can not see. This background formatting is what is causing your downloads to go "crazy."

    It would be great if some of the more technical people would explain all of this better than I have because I have only learned this process the hard way by learning how to clean my very old Googlebase files years OK.

    So to conclude once you have done this project and have everything clean making sure that the spreadsheet program itself hasn't garbled any of your text such as quotation marks I would reload everything and import it back into Volusion. After that you should have clean downloads. Then from here forward just make sure to only load clean, sanitized copy.


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    Thanks, Gifty-
    Your explanation is clear. I suspect you are right and I have a lot of clean-up work to do!

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