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    Meta Description Issue

    When I do diagnostics on my site (SeoQuake, ScreamingFrog, etc) I get consistent reports that I have NO Meta Description. However, in looking at Page Source, meta description is there. What's the problem? I have ALL my SEO areas of Volusion filled in. Why can I see it in page source but search engines cannot?

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    No meta description for any page on your site or for your home page? Does Google show your meta description(s) in SERP?

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    The SEO "testers" i think indicating no meta descrp for site? Idk... my website is www.CafeAnatolia dot com

    I really don't know WHERE the SEO testers are pulling the info from since I can see the meta desc on my page source?!

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    Strange. Some of the SEO analyzers say that my site is missing meta descriptions too. Depends on the SEO tool used, but the meta tags are definitely there.

    In your home page meta description, I would take out the www and .com. Just refer to your name, Cafe Anatolia.

    General rule is to keep meta descriptions under 160 characters.

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    I wish I could understand WHY Meta Description is not being seen! This is ridiculous. I don't think Google and Bing are seeing it either. There are OTHER Meta Issues also. Does ANYONE have ANY help or insight on V and Meta tags?

    UPDATE: I just put the question to V Support. Using an Image I asked them several questions.

    Meta Info Questions.jpg

    1. WHY Meta Desc NOT being seen by Search Engines
    2. WHY Page Source has several Meta Tags REPEATED TWICE
    3. And, the BIG Question: WHERE is V pulling Meta Info from since Meta info is in SEVERAL places within V Software

    (KKS: Thanks for the tip on adjusting my website name (removing www and .com)
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    Google is seeing your meta descriptions. When I searched for your site and a couple products you carry, the meta description showed in search results.

    The duplicate meta tags in your header -- was all of that original to the template you chose from Volusion?

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    Yes, the metal tags, including duplicates, are from original V template. I didn't even realize the Duplicates were there until I started looking into the Meta Desc problem. I BELIEVE all meta descriptions are OK for products, but not homepage

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    What were V's responses regarding the duplicate info?

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    GGG: STILL waiting for them to respond to support tkt. This is so frustrating. I still don't understand why the SEO checkers say I don't have a meta description for my homepage either.

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    FlaGrl, I wouldn't worry about the SEO checking tools -- Google is showing your homepage meta description in search results. Google is reading it.

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    V said to delete meta info that was in my Template.HTML file..... I did not put that info in there, apparently the template automatically did. I deleted the info and things are OK now, except that I am still getting Duplicate content from HTTP and HTTPS versions

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