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Thread: How to: Receive less marketing calls and spam email

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    How to: Receive less marketing calls and spam email

    One of my biggest workday annoyances has been the 10 or more calls a week from people who notice I'm using product or service X, and who want to sell me product or service Y to compliment it.

    If you get these too it's because some company whose service you've bought has sold your information, along with that of countless others, as lead packages to various agencies. Or - it's because some bot scraped your site, starting the process of picking out what services you use based on the code in your site. is an example of the latter. They compile data on companies and sites like yours, and assemble lead profiles that others can buy. If an agency has a service that only works with a couple ecommerce platforms, then they can easily buy a list of sites using those platforms.

    There are a number of ways to (try to) block bots and scrapers, but in the case of Builtwith they have tactfully provided a way to opt out. Just go to and follow the directions.

    Anyone else have any tips?

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    We signed up to be removed from that service.

    Unfortunately, we get hundreds upon hundreds of unsolicited calls and emails a week. I wish there was a way to get them to go away. They are a parasite on time management.

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