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Thread: Organic traffic quality?

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    Organic traffic quality?

    I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place here.

    1) All forms of traffic are down substantially and moving further south. I have no manual penalties and I wouldn't know how to 'blackhat' SEO if I tried. Unfortunately, I can't 'fix' when I have no clue what I've done wrong.

    2) Of the substantially decreased organic traffic I'm getting, I'm shocked by the poor quality of the traffic. I know Google had a 'spam' algo update recently... is that why porn site inquiries are ending up on my site?

    I'm staring at keywords marching across my screen in GA that are for x-rated sites ... um, how/why would this traffic be landing on my site? I Googled because I'd never heard the terms ... and they ARE actual sites with SEO... coming up first in the SERPs I see for the terms... so why landing on mine? Um, I can assure you they will not be 'converting' or sticking around for long.

    Which of course makes my stats even worse...

    What the heck?!

    Is anyone else seeing low quality organic traffic? Porn stuff or otherwise?

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    LOL.... Given that our customer base is male (95%), 35 to 55 and technical, I think a few porn surfers running across our site might actually result in some accidental sales.

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    sigh. Unfortunately, not the case here.

    Does Google take phone calls? I'm beginning to get annoyed...

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    Google is pretty good about getting in touch with you within a reasonable period. I'd submit an email inquiry. I have not done it in a while, but most times the folks responding were actually helpful.

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    You're right, Melanie. Google has always been great about returning emails.

    However, I don't think they're going to change their (what IS going on?) search algos for me. If only it were that easy! Have you ever contacted them about a decrease in traffic/quality? Did it help?

    I'd prefer traffic looking for our goods vs. the other goods. At first, I thought they were new brands we needed to stock

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    While they may not change their search algos for you personally, they may be able to tell you why all of a sudden you are getting all the porn link traffic.
    Even if they tell you that you have to change your keywords or something, at least you will know what to do!

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    Okey-dokey. I'll give it a try...

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