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    Question Please verify that this is correct - Google Analytics Conversion Goal Setup

    Could anyone please verify this is set up correctly in regards to a Volusion site. Very high abandonment rate for us, and thought it might be prudent to double check that the reporting is correct ("first rule of IT is to make sure it's plugged in", heh).

    Searched for another thread, and was really surprised to not find one here outlining a full conversion goal setup specific to Volusion.

    Thank you.


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    I have one like this. The only thing I have different is for Destination, I selected "Begin with" where you are using "Regular expression".
    I have no clue what the different is.

    Somewhere on Convergent7's info pages, I recall reading an article about setting up goals and I think I copied their examples. There were also some good ones for tracking mobile sales too. This was a few years ago, so I have no idea if it is still available now.

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    Thank you.
    Just getting back to this.
    I looked for it, but wasn't having much luck.
    Regular expression just allows for wildcards, but in this case, both would function the same (not so for the belows 1st and 2nd step, as an example).

    I went with something different. Created new ones (left the old ones there, obviously, also) for/from category, one for product, one for cart, all to orderfinished.asp. Just a little bit better view, but probably don't need them all, c'est la vie.
    From homepage just doesn't work for me, I can't get it to show anything but 2 steps, "anywhere" and "orderfinished" I gave up on it...can see that info in Exit Pages anyhow.

    They seem to be doing the trick, so if anyone wants to steal them (or tell me it's horribly wrong), fine by me.
    Category example below:
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    Hi John,

    I think (I could be wrong!) that the goal you have set up will show exactly the sequence you have entered. But what if someone goes from category to product to another product or some other link if there is one on your product page, and THEN to the shopping cart? And then gets to checkout from somewhere else?
    Or what if the person goes directly to your product page via an organic search or saved link and never goes thru the category page. Do you care about that?

    Anyway... seems like what you have works well. You just have to keep in mind what it doesn't cover (if anything).

    good luck!


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