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Thread: PayPal Auto Return To Your Site?

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    PayPal Auto Return To Your Site?

    I was just going through some settings and see that I do not have auto return setup for customers who pay via PayPal. Do you? What url are they being sent to? I'm assuming the order confirmation page. What is actually happening with my customers? Are they clicking to be redirected to my site since I have this option disabled?
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    I have never messed with that option at all.

    When customers pay with PayPal Express, they are sent back to /one-page-checkout.asp to complete the order.

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    So you have auto return set to off? I never noticed this option before and as far as I'm aware, Paypal Express is functioning as it should. I'll leave good enough alone.

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    I didnt even know that was a thing. I literally "set it and forget it" when setting this up

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    I can't even find the setting in my account, so I couldn't tell you. Ditto Demetrius... set it and forget it.

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    I do not recall seeing any setting like that when I set up PayPal Express, and I can't find it in PayPal. Maybe it is unique to using PayPal as your merchant services provider?

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    Could be. For me it's under profile>selling tools.

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    Is Payment by Amazon working for everyone that has it set up? We've had several customers complain that it isn't working and sure enough I did a test and nothing happened. Volusion thinks it could be in the code for the responsive template so they are cloning the site and checking. Hopefully I'll have an answer by tomorrow.


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    Marc, did you get it fixed? I don't use it, but Volusion has been doing maintenance over the past week, including last Friday night. More maintenance coming this week.

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